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Career Growth is Personal Growth.

If you’re looking for an online career coach it’s because you know that you have gifts, and you are capable of great things. You know that you deserve to be fulfilled, successful, and energized by your work. Most importantly, you know the world needs what you have to offer.

Whether you’re just starting out, or thinking of a career change, a good online career coach will help you get clarity, find a career you’re passionate about, and achieve your career aspirations.

Expert Career Counseling, Online

Before you hire an online career coach you should know the dirty secret: Coaching is an unregulated profession, and literally anyone can claim themselves to be a “career coach” with zero education, training, or credentials.

The career coaches of Growing Self are completely different — we are qualified therapists with master’s degrees and/or doctorates in counseling psychology, plus specialized education and credentials in career counseling, career coaching, or professional development.

We are true career development specialists and powerful partners in helping you achieve both personal growth and professional growth.

We help you dig deep, overcome self-limiting beliefs, and connect with your true self to create authentic success in every part of your life, at work — and beyond.

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Career Coach Online for Life Design

It’s too easy to stumble into a life and career you wouldn’t have chosen if you’d had more clarity and self-awareness. But it’s never too late to course-correct.

A great career coach online will help you find clarity about your goals and values, then build a career you love with intention, organized around what’s most important to you.

That’s living your life by design.

Learn more about our empowering career coaching services.

Online Career counseling for changing careers

Whether you’re bouncing back from a layoff, making a career-path pivot, or feeling stuck in a job you hate, a online career coach can help you navigate changing careers with clarity and confidence.

Because our online career coaches are also trained therapists, we can help you learn, grow, and recover from burnout, stress at work, and workplace trauma. Finding work that aligns with your values helps you achieve whole life satisfaction — as well as work you love.

Learn more about our in-depth Denver career counseling.

Online Career coach for professional growth

Reaching your full career potential means embracing an ongoing process of personal growth that takes all of your life goals into consideration, carefully balancing your career with your relationships — not to mention your personal well-being.

An expert online career coach can help you succeed in each new chapter of life by developing the self-awareness and courage to design a life in alignment with your values, and develop yourself along the way.

As our careers grow, we need to also: developing emotional intelligence, effective communication skills, organization and productivity, healthy boundaries around work, leadership skills, and emotional wellness practices helps you achieve true success in every area of your life.

Learn more about our leadership coaching, emotional intelligence coaching, and career development services.

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Our life and career coaches help you discover your talents, interests, and opportunities for success. You’ll hone in on your existing skills, build on them, and gain new confidence in your own potential.


Insight is valuable, but only when paired with meaningful action. Our coaches are solution-focused, helping you translate your newfound awareness and inspiration into professional success.


Our coaches use powerful, evidence-based career counseling strategies to help you reach your goals. All of our career experts are also licensed therapists, with the education and experience to help you grow.


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