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Imagine having a career that was filled with so much passion and enjoyment, you’d still want to do it even if you didn’t get paid. How would you feel about looking forward to a brand new day of productive, purposeful activity that did more than just earn a paycheck — but rather left your mark on the world?

Our philosophy to career coaching is empowering: Our supportive career coaches believe that if you can dream it, you can live it. We know you are capable of great things, and you deserve to be both fulfilled and successful. And — most importantly —the world needs what you have to offer.

Do you believe that too? Partnering with a smart, encouraging career coach can help you gain clarity, a sense of purpose, practical direction, and most importantly excitement about what your professional future holds.

Great Career Coaching Helps You Fall in Love With Your Career

You will spend more of your waking hours working than doing anything else. Too many people suffer through decades of uninspiring, uncomfortable careers living for the day they can finally retire. We believe that your life’s work shouldn’t be something to endure: It should be a love affair.

Creating that kind of career requires finding the perfect intersection between your talent, your interest, and your value to the world. It also requires you to grow and expand, take risks, and learn new skills. Your career will be the stage on which your best self is actualized.

We can help you find that perfect balance between your gifts, your passions, and your value –  and then help you make those dreams your reality – through positive, productive and effective career counseling.


Our Positive, Effective Approach To Online Career Career Coaching


You’ll be most successful when you’re at your best. Our career coaching helps you discover your strengths, talents, interests, and your opportunities for success. Through a blend of interviewing, assessments, and exercises you’ll discover yourself, build on your existing skills, and gain new appreciation for your own potential.


A holistic approach to personal development. Because our career coaches also have a background as therapists, they can help you gain self-awareness and identify the subconscious obstacles that may be holding you back. They’ll help you grow personally, and create a meaningful, balanced life that is based on your most important values.


Accountability & action. Talking constructively about solutions is the first step, but things only change when you take positive action. Once you’ve achieved clarity about your ideal direction, your career coach will help you craft an actionable plan. You’ll get strategic assignments, plus an accountability partner to keep you moving forward.


Strategic coaching for success. Our career coaches use solution-focused, evidence-based coaching strategies with the goal of getting you real results and lasting change. We’re active partners in career-creation: Supporting you, offering feedback, teaching you new skills, and challenging you to grow into your tulles potential.

Best Yet? We’re Easy To Work With.

We’re Convenient

  • We offer early morning, evening, weekend appointments to fit with your busy schedule.
  • Meet through secure online video, no matter where in the world you are.
  • If you prefer an in-person connection, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you at one of our Denver, Broomfield, Denver Tech Center, or Fort Collins  Colorado office locations.
  • We offer easy online appointment scheduling across time-zones, and a 24/7 receptionist.


We’re Affordable

  • Our effective approach gets you results in fewer sessions.
  • Our rates are reasonable, and some coaches offer sliding scale options.
  • We offer free consultations to ensure a good fit before moving forward.

Meet Our Team

Of Expert Career Counselors and Career Coaches

Meet Our Expert Career Coaches

Denver Career Coach, Denver Executive Coach, Online Career Coaching, Sports Psychology Coaching

Nicholas Manning, MBA

Career Coach | Life Coach | Leadership Coach

"I’m Nicholas Manning, MBA, an Executive, Leadership & Career Coach. I have provided career direction for professionals for over 10 years, and I am a certified life and career coach. My academic and professional experience has provided me with a strong understanding of how operational effectiveness intersects with organizational psychology.

My mission at Growing Self is to support professionals, budding leaders, and executives to achieve at the highest level of their potential in the workplace. To reach any objective, I believe in finding the most efficient road while creating changes that will last. My clients experience great strides in self-awareness, motivation, professional and leadership skills, productivity, time management, self-care and goal achievement.

My coaching clients include individuals who are just starting their professional careers to business owners, to executives in multi-million dollar companies. Regardless of the starting point, I truly enjoy supporting my clients through each step of their professional journey. I cannot wait to help you find purpose, create momentum and achieve success."

Denver Career Coach, Denver Executive Coach, Online Career Coaching, Sports Psychology Coaching

Markie Keelan, M. A., LPC

Career Coach | Life Coach | Therapist

Markie Keelan is a dynamic Therapist, Life Coach and Career Coach with years of experience in helping people all over the world achieve at their highest potential. She is an accomplished Career Coach who has helped many people identify their strengths, their talents, their passions, and their opportunities.  Markie especially enjoys working with millennials, and early-career professionals looking to make their mark in the world.

In addition to her strong background in Career Coaching, Markie is a Therapist and Life Coach who can help you perform at the top of your game - even under stressful, high stakes circumstances - in order to attain your personal and professional goals. If you're looking for increased life satisfaction or would like to advance professionally, she's ready to help you find you passion and start living your dream.

Denver Marriage Counselor Denver Life Coach Denver Therapist

Teena Evert, M.A., LMFT, LAC, C-CIQ Coach

Certified Conversational Intelligence Coach | Executive and Leadership Coach | Career Coach | Life Coach | Therapist


Teena is an intuitive therapist and coach who specializes in helping her clients achieve transformation in their lives both personally and professionally.  

She is of great help to busy professionals on a quest to have it all: life satisfaction, a meaningful career, sane work / life balance, and healthy relationships.

Teena can help you get clarity about who you are and what you need to achieve your fullest potential as a leader, a professional, and as a person. She'll arm you with skills and strategies to manage your time and energy, uncover your talents and resources, change your attitude and behaviors, and create a life and career that energizes and excites you.


Denver Marriage Counselor Denver Life Coach Denver Therapist

John Thornburg, M.A., LPCC

Career Coach | Life Coach | Therapist

John specializes in career coaching, and helping his clients identify and excel in their professional lives. He has a warm, personable style, and a knack for helping his clients dig deeper in order to uncover their core values, dreams, and opportunities to develop themselves both personally and professionally. He can help you identify your life’s purpose and ideal career, discover untapped strengths, develop your interpersonal skills, and overcome both inner and external obstacles in order to create an authentically satisfying life and career.

John also has expertise in helping you create a deliberate, thoughtful strategy that will take you step by step towards success. He can help you not just discover your ideal career, but land the job. He is a writer who can help you create an outstanding resume and cover letter that will get you noticed. He can also assist you with a wide variety of workplace issues including professional relationships, productivity, stress management, communication and work-life balance.

Career and Executive Coach

Linda Pounds, M.A., LMFT

Executive and Leadership Coach, Emotional Intelligence Coach

Linda Pounds is an executive coach and leadership coach who has coached across all levels of management in organizations for the past 15 years. She particularly enjoys coaching with individual leaders and leadership teams, helping them to close the gap between where they are now and where they would like to be.  Her specific interest, experience and certification in coaching is emotional intelligence —  a key driver of success in the workplace. She helps her executive coaching clients to find a better understanding of themselves and improved ways to manage themselves during challenging times in their careers.  If she's assisting you as an executive coach, you can work together toward your goals in respectful, encouraging coaching sessions that will improve your relationships at work, help you to better manage conflict at work and have greater life satisfaction.

Beyond her private executive coaching and leadership coaching services, she is also certified in the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory and coaching model (ESCI). The ESCI is a tool used by many top executives and organizations to measure social and emotional intelligence in different areas (Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Self-Management, and Relationship Management) in individuals and teams. This tool allows her to provide you with a wealth of information about how you motivate yourself and others, how to lead through challenging times, and how to function at the highest level of your potential. [Read: How to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence.]

In addition to her specialty in leadership coaching and executive coaching, Linda is a highly experienced therapist and marriage and family therapist. She can help you create meaning and balance in all domains of your life, and improve your relationships both personally as well as professionally.

Linda is available to meet with you on at our Denver / Cherry Creek and Broomfield, CO office locations as well as across the US and Internationally through online video.

Denver Career Coach, Denver Executive Coach, Online Career Coaching, Sports Psychology Coaching

Kristi Helvig, PhD, LP, CPC

Dr. Kristi Helvig is both a Clinical Psychologist and Certified Life Coach with over fifteen years of experience in helping her clients get real results and lasting change through strategic Love, Life and Career Coaching. Dr. Helvig's passion is Career Coaching, and Executive Coaching. She loves helping her clients discover their professional passion, and can help you live your dream too. Whether you're starting your own business, changing careers, or looking to achieve at a higher level she can help you move forward with confidence.

Dr. Helvig often works with businesses to help their teams thrive together, and she can help you flourish in your job -- or transition out. She can help you have better relationships with your co-workers, manage office politics, and deal with work related stress. She offers Myers Briggs personality testing to help you get clarity about your strengths, and career interest inventories to help you get direction. Most importantly, she'll help you take what you've learned and create an actionable plan that will help you make things happen in your life. She is here to give you clarity, direction, and the concrete skills and strategies that will move you forward. [Listen: "I Hate My Job. Now What?"]

In addition to career and executive coaching she is a personal productivity coach who can help you achieve at your highest potential. Whether your working on your resume, interview skills, or just figuring out what you want to be when you grow up, she can help you "climb your mountain" by breaking your goals down into small, attainable steps. She will be your cheerleader, accountability partner and coach -- motivating you to take life-changing action. Learn more about Dr. Helvig.

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Jordan Blackwood

Client Services Manager

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