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Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

Or ten? Or twenty? You never stop growing. As you go through different stages of life, your professional development evolves, too.

Partnering with an expert career coach helps you achieve long-term professional goals in alignment with your values and your shifting personal priorities.

We Are Career Development Specialists

Growing Self’s career counselors are different. We are licensed therapists with specialized education, certification, and experience in professional development — true career development specialists.

We understand that true professional advancement is more than “getting ahead at work” — it requires working on yourself. That’s why, in addition to helping you achieve healthy career growth, we support your personal growth, too.

A Whole-Life Approach

Our holistic career counseling approach helps you learn and grow on a personal level, as well as a professional one.

You deserve a career you love that brings positive energy into your life and helps you create success in all your roles: partner, parent, family member, and friend, too.

Thoughtful professional development coaching helps you nurture a meaningful career path aligned with your most deeply held personal values.

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Passion & Purpose

Our Career Development Specialists Help You…

Build Self Awareness & Create Clarity

Growing professionally requires us to grow personally, too. Our “pain points” on the job are often personal growth opportunities in disguise, illuminating our core beliefs, relationship patterns, and more.

Our career development specialists conduct thorough assessments to help you understand your personality, what motivates you, and where you need to grow. If you discover that it’s time for a new job or career, we can help you make the transition.

If you learn that your path to career satisfaction calls for making internal shifts as well as external changes, we can help with that, too.

Wellbeing at work

Career growth can’t come at the expense of your mental and emotional wellbeing. Because our career counselors are also therapists, they can help you manage stress, recover from a toxic workplace or traumatic job loss, deal with difficult personalities, and set healthy boundaries with work that prioritize your mental health, emotional health, and life satisfaction.

Our career development specialists will help you use your work experiences to build awareness of your strengths and identify opportunities for growth and personal empowerment.

Recalibrate Your Career Path

We all grow and evolve throughout our lives, and the career aspirations that fit the person you once were may no longer be meaningful and enjoyable for you.

An excellent career coach helps you explore your current truth, design new career goals in alignment with your values and priorities, and thoughtfully prepare for a positive and successful new chapter in your professional development plan.

Actualize your professional development plan

As we evolve in our lives and advance in our career paths, we encounter new opportunities to grow, both personally and professionally.

Leadership development, building emotional intelligence, pursuing a new business opportunity, taking an extended sabbatical, planning an early retirement, or making an empowering future career change with confidence may all be options for you.

With support from an expert career development specialist, you will create a values-based professional development plan that supports your continued growth and wellbeing through every stage of your career and your life.

Reach your career goals

Self-awareness, clarity, and confidence are key to career planning. But to actualize your career goals, you also need skills and strategy.

A great career coach will help you create your ideal outcomes, step-by-step.

Skills-training plans, researching opportunities, effective resume writing, successfully interviewing, productivity and time management, networking, salary negotiations, and maintaining hope and confidence in the face of setbacks are all so much easier with a great career coach in your corner.

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All of our career coaches and career counselors are qualified as therapists, too. We have advanced education and training in career development, and can support your growth on deep, enduring levels.

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