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Life Coaching Questions

Does Insurance Cover Coaching?

Does Insurance Cover Coaching?

People seek Life Coaching for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes our clients have specific concerns that they want to resolve, like losing weight, changing careers, or developing healthier habits. Sometimes people come to Life Coaching because they want to feel happier, more productive, or more in control of their lives.

Because Denver is such a progressive, socially conscious and health conscious community, we often have clients seek our services to help them become their “best selves” with a meaningful and fulfilling life that reflects their values.

But the real reason for — and the real value of — good Life Coaching is that it helps you be more successful in achieving whatever goals you have for yourself. To have an accountability partner and a guide that can offer you feedback, new ideas, and emotional support during your change process can make all the difference between your creating a new reality…or continuing to spin your wheels and wish that things were different.

Interested in getting involved with coaching, but wondering if insurance will cover your sessions? The short answer is… sometimes. The first step is to find out about your insurance coverage and then decide if you want to use mental health insurance if it is available. 

If you work with someone who is just a Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Career Coach or Dating Coach, with no other formal training as a mental health professional, you cannot use your insurance benefits to cover coaching.

However, the coaches of Growing Self are first trained as counselors or psychologists — then coaches. Coaching is recognized as a therapeutic orientation practiced by therapists.

Therefore, if your presenting concerns meet the criteria for a diagnosable condition for which coaching strategies have been proven to be effective (ADHD or Social Anxiety, for example), and your insurance policy covers you for behavioral healthcare, you can use your insurance benefits to get reimbursed for your coaching sessions with us.

Have More Questions About Life Coaching? Let’s Talk.

Schedule your free consultation session, and have them answered in person. If you’re in the Denver area you can meet with us at our Cherry Creek, Glendale Colorado or Westminster Colorado offices. If you’re elsewhere in the US (or internationally) we can meet for coaching through online video-conferencing (Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts).

Help yourself to the best day and time using our online calendars below, or call the office — 720-370-1800 —for personal assistance in scheduling. We answer 24/7.

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Schedule a Free Consultation

In One of Our Offices or Online.

Just knowing that you were going to ask me about my homework made me do it. I did things with you that I couldn’t do on my own.

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