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What Is Discernment Counseling?

Discernment counseling is different. While the goal of couples counseling, marriage counseling, and relationship coaching is to improve your relationship, the goal of discernment counseling or discernment coaching is not relationship repair. It is to help you both reach certainty about the future you want — together, or apart.

Through discernment counseling, you discover each other’s commitment and motivation for repairing your relationship. This can restore confidence and hope for the future of your relationship.

Then marriage counseling can be productive.

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What Are the Goals of Discernment Counseling?

Couples enter discernment counseling when one (or both) is wondering if it’s time to call it quits in a relationship. A discernment counselor will help you assess your relationship, and provide a clear picture of what repairing your relationship would require.

After exploring the possibilities, many couples emerge from discernment counseling feeling confident that their marriage is worth saving and ready to invest in the work ahead.

The honest understanding achieved through discernment counseling becomes your road map to healing and growth.

Expert Discernment Counseling & Coaching at Growing Self

Some couples only darken the door of a marriage counselor once one partner has revealed an affair or another issue, or asked for a divorce. Other couples wait too long to get help and enter counseling with “mixed agendas.” Although both partners say they want to try, one or both may have lost the faith, hope, and trust necessary to fix their relationship. This unspoken ambivalence can sabotage couples therapy, which requires commitment from both partners to succeed.

Only experienced marriage and family therapists, with rare and specialized training in discernment counseling, can help couples standing at these particular crossroads. The skillful, professional discernment counselors at Growing Self help both partners clarify their understanding, motivation, and commitment to the relationship. Then the best path forward will be revealed.

Supportive Discernment Counseling for Both Partners

Goals of Discernment Counseling
for Partners “Leaning In”

If your partner has just asked for a separation or divorce, it’s normal to feel sad, hurt, and scared. You want to do everything possible to stop a divorce and save your relationship: You’re leaning in.

Discernment counseling helps “leaning in” partners manage big emotions, and understand what your “leaning out” partner is needing in order to feel more hopeful about your relationship.

Goals of Discernment Counseling
for Partners “Leaning Out”

If you’re “leaning out” of your relationship, you may have felt sad, disappointed, and hurt for some time. Even if you still love your partner, you may have lost hope that the marriage can be saved, or that growth and change are possible.

Discernment counseling helps you get clear about your options and feel confident in your relationship again — or in your decision to part peacefully.

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