Getting Anger Under Control

Getting Anger Under Control

How to Control Anger

In my work as a counselor and Denver therapist, I know that everyone (yes, everyone) feels angry, sometimes. Let’s face it, life can be frustrating. Work can be maddening, people can be annoying, partners and kids can be irritating, traffic is a daily struggle for many of us, and let’s not even get into the many “state-of-the-world” issues that can send us into a rage. That said, when anger is frequent, and a major player in our lives, it takes a toll.

Feeling angry frequently can impact your health — both physically and mentally. But anger can really create problems in your relationships too. When you are expressing a lot of negativity, hostility or irritation with your partner, kids, friends, and family…. Even random people start to distance themselves from you emotionally. [Listen: “How to Deal With An Angry Partner”]

It goes the other way too: if you have an angry husband or angry wife it can make you start to feel like you’re walking on eggshells. Dealing with anger issues in marriage can be very difficult. Having a partner who is persistently irritated, frustrated, or quick to anger starts to make your relationship feel emotionally unsafe, and leads people to shut down and withdraw

Anger Management Help

“Anger issues” are a common problem for many people, and in many relationships. So today on the Love, Happiness and Success Podcast, I’ve enlisted the support of my colleague Dr. Georgiana, to share her expertise about anger. Dr. Georgiana is, among other things, an Emotional Intelligence Coach, a Marriage Counselor and Couples Therapist, and a Life Coach too. 

She specializes in helping angry people learn how to get to a better place, helps couples communicate and reduce the anger and frustration in their relationships, and I’m so pleased to have her share her “anger advice” with you today too.

Getting Anger Under Control

In this episode, Getting Anger Under Control…We’ll be talking about:

  • What anger really is
  • The different ways that “anger issues” can show up
  • “Anger Styles:” The differences in the ways that people perceive and express anger
  • Anger management strategies, and anger management techniques
  • How to control anger in relationships
  • How to manage your anger personally and in different situations
  • How to deal with anger in other people

I hope that listening to this podcast helps you learn how to manage anger and find inner peace — both for yourself and in your relationship.

All the best,

Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

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Getting Anger Under Control

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