There are some people who are just stars, in the eyes of others. Are you one of them? Do you work hard, do amazing things, and seem to have it all?

And yet…. walk daily with this gnawing sense that you are failing?

You may worry that you’re not doing enough, you’ve missed an opportunity, you’re not achieving your goals… and perhaps you’re worried that these failures are due to your own short comings.

Ambition is widely regarded as being a positive force in our lives. But ambition becomes a problem when it is rooted in fear, and a belief that links happiness to achievement.

On today’s edition of the Love, Happiness and Success Podcast, I’ll help you understand how to get off the never-ending treadmill of “More” – and start appreciating how amazing you actually are.

Listen now.

(Music Credits: “The Gummi Bears of Failure,” by Paneye.)

Main Points:

1) Make a “have done” list.

2) Unhook your self worth from your achievements.

3) Talk back to the bully inside of you.

4) Cultivate meaning.