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Life Coach: For Growth and Goals

Why do you need a life coach? If you are ready to create positive change in yourself and your life, partnering with a life coach helps you move forward. A great coach in your corner helps you achieve your most important goals, whether that’s strengthening your relationships, building your dream career, or growing into the best version of yourself.

You deserve to have it all: Love, Happiness, and Success. A fantastic life coach can help you make it happen.

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Gain Clarity and Self Awareness

A clear vision for the life you’d like to create is the first step toward radical, lasting change.

Great life coaching helps you gain new self-awareness and understanding, connect to deeper values and feelings, and find clarity in the process.

Discover Your Growth Opportunities

Big, external changes start with small, internal shifts — but unless you understand what is limiting you, you don’t know where to grow.

We all have blind spots. A good life coach helps you recognize the patterns that keep you stuck, so you can replace them with new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving that will move you forward.

Learn about our empowering approach to personal growth.

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Create Meaningful Change

All things are possible when you know who you are, what you want, and, most important, how to create meaningful change in your life.

A great coach teaches you new skills and strategies and helps you follow through with the positive actions that will transform your relationships, your well-being, and your inner experience for the better.

Learn how our positive, productive approach helps you cultivate healthy relationships.

Our Life Coaches are Different

The experts providing life coaching services at Growing Self are qualified therapists with — at a minimum — a Master’s degree in counseling psychology, marriage and family therapy, or career counseling, plus additional education and experience in transformational coaching strategies. This kind of expertise is rare in the coaching industry — a typical life coach has no formal training or education at all.

Drawing from our knowledge and experience in evidence-based psychology, we help you dig deep, get a fresh perspective, develop new strategies, and stay motivated to move forward.

We believe your coaching plan should be designed to fit you, so we don’t offer one-size-fits-all “coaching packages.” We provide a personalized growth experience tailored to your unique needs and use evidence-based strategies to help you attain your goals.

Life Coach Services at Growing Self

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Life Coaching

You know you can be, do, and have so much more. Actively working on yourself is the path to attaining your heart’s desires. Partnering with a great life coach specializing in personal growth and positive change provides you with both insight and direction.

Whether you’re looking to rebuild after a difficult life transition, heal after heartbreak, get clarity about the next steps in a relationship, or figure yourself out and grow into your best self — expert life coaching propels you forward.

Learn about life coaching for personal growth.

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Relationship Coaching

Our healthy relationship coaches are marriage and family therapists — true relationship experts — who use powerful, evidence-based coaching strategies to help you create positive change in your relationships.

Whether it’s healthier communication or increased connection, relationship coaching helps you identify what you want — and learn how to get the outcomes you desire.

Learn more about relationship coaching.

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Career Coaching

When your work reflects your passion, values, and purpose, your career becomes a joyful expression of who you fundamentally are.

Holistic career coaching helps you design a life you love by crafting a career path, making mid-career pivots, or developing professionally in thoughtful alignment with your whole-life goals.

Learn more about career coaching.

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Emotional Intelligence Coaching

The secret ingredient to a life full of love, happiness and success is emotional intelligence. Strong emotional intelligence (or EI) skills improve relationships, foster emotional wellness, and lead to professional success, too.

Emotional intelligence is the heart of meaningful personal growth, and EI coaching is a specialty of our practice.

Learn more about emotional intelligence coaching and emotional intelligence at work.

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Dating Coaching

Because the dating coaches on our team are therapists and relationship experts, we take a deeper approach to dating coaching.

We help you find (and keep) love in your life through a personal growth process that emphasizes self-awareness, emotional wellness, and authentically healthy relationships.

Learn more about dating coaching.

Flexible Options to Support Your Growth

We offer online life coaching, Denver life coaching, and solution sessions.

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Online Life Coach

All of our life coach services are available online as well as in person. When you choose to work with an online life coach, you get all the benefits of in-person coaching from wherever in the world you happen to be.

Learn more about online life coaching.

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Denver Life Coach

In addition to online coaching, all of our coaching services are available in person at our Denver area offices.

You can choose weekend or evening sessions with a Denver life coach to fit your schedule.

Learn more about working with a Denver life coach, Denver relationship coach, or Denver career coach.

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Life Coach Advice: Solution Sessions

Meaningful personal growth or relationship improvement is never an “event.” It’s a process that takes time — often over multiple sessions with a good counselor or coach.

But there is a time and place to brainstorm options, jump-start your process, and create a short-term action plan. That’s why we offer Solution Sessions: One-time, solution-focused coaching sessions with an expert coach.

Learn more about solution sessions.

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