How to Get Someone Else to Change

How to Get Someone Else to Change

How to Help Someone Change

Are you being negatively impacted by the consequences of someone else’s behavior? Few things are more frustrating than seeing someone you love suffering, spinning out of control, and unable or unwilling to get help. What to do?

On today’s episode of the Love, Happiness and Success Podcast, I’ll teach you how to avoid the biggest mistake you can make in this situation, and the surprising way to not just help your loved one get help – but get your inner peace back.

We’ll talk about what it really means to “help” someone to change versus accidentally enabling them to persist in their problems. You’ll learn about how to avoid damaging your relationship with your loved one, and how to avoid the power struggle of codependency. 

How to Help Someone Change, Start by Shifting Your Definition of Help

By shifting your definition of what it means to help, you’ll learn how to regain control of the situation. Getting clear about your boundaries, your values, and the one thing you really have power over (you) you’ll start helping your loved one develop the authentic, inner motivation they need to make lasting change.

The road to recovery is hard, but when you learn how to stop controlling, stop being upset, and start giving people the kind of help they really need you can change from being an accidental obstacle to recovery, to a catalyst for their growth. 

Lastly, I’ll be giving you some practical steps for how to help yourself during your loved one’s change process. You’ll learn how to maintain your boundaries, regain feelings of control, and get the support you need to stay committed to being a true agent of change.

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How to Get Someone Else to Change

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