How to “Makeover” Your Life

How to “Makeover” Your Life: It’s Time to Grow!

Do you feel stuck, disengaged, or just ready for something new? It may be the perfect time to makeover your life! Many people think that the most natural time to make big changes to their lives is around the New Year. Many people flock to life coaching in January to help them actualize their resolutions. As a therapist and life coach who’s been doing this for a long time, I’m going to let you in on a little-known secret for the emotionally intelligent: while the turn of the year is certainly a poetic time for transitions, there’s actually one that’s more powerful and effective if you really want to make a change and makeover your life.

And that time is now.

Why It’s Time to Makeover Your Life

Think about it: for all of your formative years, your life had a natural rhythm built around the school year. Summer was a time of self-discovery and expansion. You got to step out of the daily grind for a little while, have new experiences, focus on relationships, and generally relax.

Then as every new school year began, you had a new opportunity, and a new beginning. Your clothing and school supplies were freshened. Plans were made. Intentions were set. And you got a clean slate on which to reinvent yourself, define your new identity, and create a different reality with each passing year.

Most years, you succeeded, didn’t you? You moved forward. You grew and changed. You were able to manifest a new incarnation of yourself. Every year was a chapter in the ever-evolving story of you.

This cycle was repeated over and over and over from the time you were a small child, until well into your twenties and beyond. Our work and vacation seasons still follow this natural order. If you’re a parent, you’re reliving something similar with your children now. This natural cycle of growth and regeneration is now pretty much hard-wired into your system — even if you’re not in school anymore.

However, many adults are no longer consciously aware of the ebb and flow of this seasonal growth-energy in their lives. They just move from season to season without thinking too much about it. Sadly, they miss the opportunity for the reflective transformation that this time of year affords.

But today, I’m here to help you learn how to fully and intentionally harness the power of this special time and take advantage of it. By deliberately tapping into the psychological and emotional forces that become available to you during this unique time of year, you can make important and lasting changes in your life.

On this episode of the Love, Happiness and Success Podcast, I’ll be walking you through some new ideas and activities that will help you give your entire life a makeover. To start, you’ll learn how to begin the process of shedding the old and embracing the new. 

Everything You Need to Know to Makeover Your Life

We’ll cover how to de-clutter and re-organize your relationships, your habits, and the way you’re managing your time, your energy, and yourself.

You’ll learn how to take stock of different areas of your life to figure out what’s working for you, what’s worth building on, and what it’s time to release. I’ll give you some strategies to help you reflect and gain self-awareness around the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that need to be released.

Then we’ll talk about how to craft a plan for this chapter of your life, that includes setting the goals and making the daily changes that will help you create the life you want.

You deserve all the love, happiness and success in the world, and I sincerely hope that these ideas help you create it.

xoxo, Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

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How to “Makeover” Your Life

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