How to Stop Worrying, and Start Living Fearlessly

How to Stop Worrying, and Start Living Fearlessly

How to Stop Worrying

Are you always worrying? Do you want to know how to stop worrying? Really smart, creative, and thoughtful people have many strengths. They can plan things in advance, avoid potential pitfalls, and envision their future reality vividly. However, one thing I have learned from my years of experience as a Denver therapist and life coach is that all these positive attributes, when left unsupervised, can also create boatloads of anxiety.

Overthinking and Indecision = Disempowerment

When you anticipate possible problems, you feel constricted. When you plan every step, you often encounter roadblocks. When you want to make the “right” decision before taking action, you invest more time and energy into thinking than into doing. At these times, it’s easy to become riddled with uncertainty and decide before you even try.

Slam! Analysis paralysis has clamped down on your life and stopped you from facing your fears and living courageously.

The result? A safe life, but a smaller life.

Authentic Happiness Requires Risk

If you’re wondering how to stop worrying, one of the core skills of authentically happy people that I discuss at length in my online Happiness Class is the ability to take measured risks. Why is the ability to try new things related to happiness? Because when you take action to bring your life into alignment with your core values, it gets better. 

Another component of fearless living is being able to handle uncertainty or adversity with confidence and competence. That means your happiness is still intact, even when things go differently than you’d hoped. That’s true resilience.

Being resilient and trusting yourself means that it’s safe to take chances. When you’re able to try new things fearlessly, your world expands. When you give yourself permission to take action, you get to learn and grow no matter what. Not knowing exactly what is going to happen next adds sparkle and excitement to your life. When your life gets bigger and more interesting, so do you.

Fearless Living Nourishes Your Relationship

Furthermore, novelty and learning new things are core ingredients to having a fresh, fun long-term relationship. When your life atrophies, so does your partnership. If you want to learn how to stop worrying and have an interesting relationship, you need to have an interesting life. Plus, there is nothing sexier than a passionate person who is enthusiastic and confident. When you set aside anxieties and allow yourself to live fearlessly, you nourish both yourself and your relationship.

5 Steps: How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Fearlessly

On today’s episode of the Love, Happiness and Success podcast, I’m giving you the scoop on how to stop worrying, feel more confident in your decisions, strengthen your sense of competence and resilience, and cultivate fearlessness in your own life. Listen now, and learn all about the care and feeding of your inner tiger.

-Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

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How to Stop Worrying, and Start Living Fearlessly

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