Intentional Living at Home

Because Home Is The Place To Be…

INTENTIONAL LIVING — AT HOME: In all destruction and chaos lies the seeds of opportunity for development and new beginnings. Many of us, quarantined at home, have an invitation and opportunity for self-reflection, new awarenesses, and the chance to cultivate an environment that is congruent with the people we’re evolving into.

Intentional Living: Introspection

The quiet spaces may be easy to overlook, compared to the razzle-dazzle hustle of normal life. But they allow for introspection that is simply not possible during times of activity and distraction. 

This experience of evolution and development is rooted in self-awareness and can occur both internally and externally.

Stillness allows us to listen to ourselves, observe ourselves, and notice our old patterns in a way that then empowers us to make intentional choices. We can choose what to embrace. What to cultivate and nurture. And also what to prune away and release. (Read: To move forward… stop.)

Authentic Being: Who Are You, Really?

We live in a culture that idolizes stress and fetishizes busy-ness as the ultimate pinnacle of value in the world. Being busy and overwhelmed feels normal to many of us. But with it comes a dark bargain, substituting authentic self-awareness and a values-based life for the distracting, ego-fluffing busy-ness that professional success so often requires.

To be shoved into this new quietness, spaciousness, and stillness can feel anxiety provoking — particularly if you’re identity is deeply intertwined with your professional identity.

While it can feel anxiety provoking to release this aspect of self, the opportunity to uncover who and what you really are at the core is priceless. And now is the time to do exactly that.

Intentional Living: Without and Within

On this episode of the Love, Happiness and Success Podcast (as well as other episodes to come), I’m providing you with new ideas and growth activities that will help you move yourself forward on a deep level, while the world around us stops.

To begin, I’m speaking with my dear Olivia, the mastermind behind Decluttered Intentions, about simple things you can do to:

  • Create organization and order in your personal space
  • Cultivate spaciousness and peace inside of yourself
  • Release the opportunity to bury yourself in busyness
  • Understand your patterns and ways of relating to the world
  • Create order in your routines
  • Curate your thinking patterns in a way to create gratitude, appreciation, and contentment.
  • Connect with your dreams so that you can design a sanctuary within your home that nourishes you from the inside out.

I hope that these ideas and activities help YOU use this special, quiet time to move forward on your journey of growth.

All the best,

Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

Ps: One of the resources I mentioned in this episode is my “What’s Holding You Back” assessment. This assessment gives you insight into your personal strengths and growth opportunities in a variety of domains. Here’s the link, if you’d like to take it. xoxo, LMB

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Intentional Living — At Home

by Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby | Love, Happiness & Success

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