Why You Can’t Sleep

Why You Can’t Sleep

Do You Have Sleep Problems?

It is 1:19am. You have to be up and at ‘em at 6:30. You’re laying there thinking, “Why can’t I SLEEP?” I don’t have to remind you about how little time you have left to sleep — It’s all you can think about as the minutes slowly tick by. The more frustrated and panicked you become about not sleeping, the harder it is to drift off. Ugh.

We’ve all been there. This episode of the Love, Happiness and Success Podcast is for you, my dear insomniac.  If you relate to this struggle with the ever-elusive sleep, you’re not alone!  As a licensed therapist, Denver therapist, and life coach, I’ve helped many people reach their goals to improve their lives even if that goal is to get more sleep.  

Sleep. It’s so important. It is quite literally a foundational building block for a healthy and happy life. Without proper sleep, we can fall prey to an increase in our anxiety as the long nights give our minds plenty of time to wander into dangerous territories of worry or sadness. Yet when we need sleep, the most is when it becomes the most rebellious and oppositional. When we’re lying awake at night, we’re like anxious parents of teenagers waiting up in a dark living room, thinking, “Where the hell is Sleep? It needs to get its butt home so we can both get some rest.”

I don’t know exactly where your Sleep has run off to. It might be careening around with a carload of friends playing mailbox baseball in the middle of the night. It could be hanging out in someone’s smokey rec room listening to ancient Black Sabbath records in the dark. Neither of us cares where it is, as long as it comes back. Soon.

What To Do When You Can’t Sleep

In this podcast, we’re here to talk about how to create the ideal conditions in both your body and mind to make Sleep come back home again. Today, I’m sharing the secrets of sleeping well. If you want Sleep to turn out the lights and carry you both into dreamland, it’s time to know that you can actually DO something about it! That’s what we’re talking about today on The Love, Happiness and Success Podcast.

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Why You Can’t Sleep

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