How to Handle Your Crazy Family on Thanksgiving

Our very own Life Coach, Therapist, and Marriage Counselor Jessica Small joined Lois Melkonian at the Denver Fox 31 studio to talk about possible Thanksgiving Day pitfalls, and how to handle them with style and grace.

Some of the questions that Jessica answered:

“How do you handle guests that talk too much?”

“How do you support a family member going through a ‘Turkey Dump?'”

“How do you avoid becoming an over controlling “Marney” if you’re hosting Thanksgiving?”

Watch Jessica’s great advice now:

And here’s a link to Lois Melkonian’s wonderful article “Think Your Thanksgiving is Crazy?” on her blog Living Through It. Lois tackles a new topic every Monday morning at 8:45am on her Living Through It segment on Denver’s Fox 31 — be sure to watch.

Lastly, if you are not already familiar with Marney’s infamous Thanksgiving Day Letter, here’s a link.¬†

While you’re there, I’d highly recommend browsing around Awkward Family Photos — one of the funniest websites ever. Trust me, you’ll feel a tiny bit better about your own family if you do. (Unless of course, doing so triggers memories of the family portrait featuring your family in front of the “covered bridge” backdrop with the wagon wheel in front, your mom holding the terrified cat, and your sister sneaking her My Little Pony over your dad’s shoulder… but maybe that’s just me.)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Lisa