How Do I Get Over A Breakup?

How Do I Get Over A Breakup?

When working with breakup recovery clients in breakup therapy, a lot of people think that the worst part of a breakup is the moment of separation between you and your partner. And that’s not untrue. The actual instant that one partner says, “I’m done,” can be devastating, but in my experience, that’s not the thing that affects people most about a breakup. It’s the mental and emotional fallout waiting for them on the other side. Breakups can leave lasting emotional scars that take years to heal, and without time, intention, and self-awareness, they might not heal at all. 

Moving on is hard, and one of the most difficult challenges waiting for people going through a breakup is dealing with the unanswerable questions that well up inside of them. People tend to replay relationship events in their minds over and over, trying to make sense of what happened. They also often worry about how they’ll ever find closure and get over it… and when they’ll stop feeling so terrible.

Breakup Advice For The Most Common Breakup Questions

Since I do so much work around breakup recovery, I often have people get in touch with me with questions, and for help in dealing with a bad breakup. But I recently had a listener of my Love, Happiness and Success Podcast get in touch with me in the most unique way. She had read my book, “Exaholics: Breaking Your Addiction to An Ex Love” and had some additional questions about how to get over some of the most common (and frankly, hardest) aspects of breakup recovery. Instead of just emailing me, she recorded her questions in one of the sweetest videos I’ve ever seen and shared it with me.

As I watched her ask her heartfelt questions, I thought of all the other people who were probably going through the exact same things. I got back in touch with her to see if it was okay to use her recording in an upcoming episode of the podcast so that my listeners (and YOU) could also benefit from hearing the answers. She was kind enough to let me share them, and today’s podcast is the result.

So if you’re also going through a breakup and wondering…

  1. How do I let go of the guilt and regrets I have about this relationship?
  2. How do I repair my self-esteem after being rejected?
  3. How do I deal with seeing my Ex’s friends out?
  4. What can I do when I miss my Ex?
  5. How do I cope with being “blindsided” by a break up?
  6. Will I ever feel hopeful and excited about finding a new love?

… you’ll definitely want to tune into this episode of the Love, Happiness & Success Podcast.

I hope our conversation helps you find your way towards growth, recovery, and connection, too.

xoxo, Lisa Marie Bobby

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How Do I Get Over A Breakup?

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