How to Feel Safe in a Scary World

How to Feel Safe in a Scary World

Emotional Safety in a World Where Bad Things Happen

You deserve to feel safe. As a counselor, Denver therapist and life coach, I am no stranger to difficult things, getting close to difficult experiences, and helping clients work through trauma.

At the time that this podcast came out, so many emotions were running high with trauma resurfacing for so many and being created for others. Like so many of you, I was shocked and horrified by the events of that fall, when so many innocent lives were taken in the Las Vegas shooting of 2017. Among other things, it led me to scrap my podcast plans and create this one for you instead: advice on how to deal mentally and emotionally when terrible things happen.

Though some of the details are from years ago, so much of this is still relevant today, unfortunately. I hate it that we live in a world where this even needs to be addressed, let alone that these topics have maintained their relevance, but it does, and they have. 

Together, over the past years, we’ve been through so much. Shootings. Natural disasters. Terrorist Attacks. War. Human Suffering. In our day-to-day lives, we’re all under assault, choking down an endless barrage of information about all the latest horrors … but with no guidance on how to cope with it all, emotionally.

Death is the only wise advisor that we have.

Carlos Castaneda, Journey to Ixtlan

Our counseling and coaching clients here at Growing Self have the luxury of being able to process all of it and get actionable advice on how to manage grief, fear, and anger. Most importantly, our clients have support in channeling all those dark feelings into something positive and empowering.

I believe that you deserve the same. So today, on this episode of the Love, Happiness and Success podcast, I thought I’d offer you some of the same ideas we’ve been teaching our private clients about coping during these dark times.

Listen now, and learn:

These ideas help me personally, they help our clients, and I sincerely hope that they help you, too.

With love and respect,

Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

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How to Feel Safe in a Scary World

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