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Ahhh Anxiety. The sleepless nights. The pit in your stomach. The worries, ever swirling. Anxiety is the experience of being traumatized by bad things happening… before they actually happen.

On today’s episode of the Love, Happiness and Success Podcast, I’m going to teach you how to stop mentally time traveling into DOOM, and restore your sense of inner peace.

First, I’ll help you understand what anxiety is, and the mind-body connection that keeps you trapped in it’s clutches. Then, I’ll be teaching you my four favorite techniques for stopping it.

They’re all mindfulness based, and in my experience very effective. They work for my clients, and they work for me. I have every confidence that they’ll help you, too.

Listen Now.

(Music Credits: “Anxiety Attack,” by Jeffrey Lewis.)

Key Points:

  1.  Anxiety = A Time Traveling Mind
  2. The Mind-Body Connection, and Cycle of Fear
  3. Anchor Yourself in The Present
  4. Define the Explosion
  5. Solve Solvable Problems
  6. Relax Your Body, to Relax Your Mind
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