Life After Loss

Coping with Grief


LIFE AFTER LOSS: We've all recently experienced losses great and small. Some losses feel sad but manageable, such as the loss of the ability to go out, meet with friends, enjoy a coffee at your favorite haunt. [Read, “Coping With Coronavirus Life” for more]

Some losses feel existential, like the loss of an identity defined by the things we do.  There is also the poignant loss of having to scrap future plans or even the trajectory of a life-path that once felt so clear. Even more troubling is the loss of the sense of basic safety in the world.

Other losses are harder to cope with, like losing your job, having to cancel a wedding, missing once-in-a-lifetime milestones that you'll never get to re-do, or even giving birth to a child without the support of your partner there.

But the worst loss of all, and the one too many around the world are facing, is the loss of a cherished, irreplaceable loved one. There are no words to describe the enormity of the devastation losing a loved one brings. The grief is overwhelming, and feels endless.

How can you cope with grief? How do you manage the waves of sadness? Most importantly, how do you heal and rebuild your life after loss?

Life After Loss: Grief Counseling Experts Weigh In

To support you in rebuilding yourself and your life after loss, I've asked two of my colleagues to join me for a very special episode of The Love, Happiness and Success Podcast. I asked them to talk about the nature of grief and loss, what you can expect when you're grieving, how to cope with the feelings, and ways to compassionately navigate the healing process ahead of you.

My colleague Anastacia Sams, M.A., LPC, MFT-C is a Denver therapist with a gentle, compassionate approach who has years of experience in helping people heal, rebuild themselves and grow after having had extremely difficult life experiences.

Similarly, Lisa Jordan, M.A., LPCP is an online therapist in Illinois who has years of experience providing grief counseling online, and also through her role as a hospice grief counselor.

They were kind enough to generously share their wisdom and grief counseling advice for things like:

  • Why ideas about the “5 stages of grief” are misleading, and what you can really expect when you're coping with loss.
  • Why it's so important to give yourself permission to feel all the feelings, without judgment or shame.
  • How to step in and out of grief so that it's not overwhelming.
  • What the path of healing from grief involves, so you can understand what lies ahead.
  • How to release the past and shift back into hope and gratitude for some losses.
  • How to compassionately release the idea of “getting over it” and instead find ways of deepening your relationship with a loved one, even after they're physically gone.

We offer all this information with a sincere hope that it provides you with comfort, compassion and direction that supports you in YOUR journey of healing.

With love and respect,

Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby, Anastacia Sams, and Lisa Jordan


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Life After Loss

by Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby | Love, Happiness & Success

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