Last week I spent a delightful evening doing an online chat with some of the members of If you haven’t heard about Exaholics it’s an online community for people who are struggling in the aftermath of a break up. I’ve been involved with them from the beginning and done a lot of writing and consulting for them. Anyway – fantastic site. But so when I was chatting with these Exaholics members the other day it seemed like the theme of was “why do I keep thinking about my ex, and how do I stop feeling so obsessed and tormented.”

It made me think that an instructive podcast on the subject of “How to Get Over Your Ex” was highly overdue.

So on this episode of the Love, Happiness and Success podcast we’re going to be talking about this ubiquitous problem of obsessing about your ex, not being able to let go, and what you can do about it. Listen now to learn how to get over your ex… and start enjoying your life again.

Are You Obsessing About Your Ex?

Are you craving contact with your Ex, even though you know it's bad for you? Are you "stalking" your Ex through social media? Are you awake at night rehashing old memories? Are you feeling stuck in sadness, anger, or guilt, and wishing you could just let go, and move on?

Help is here.

Heal Your Broken Heart: The Online Breakup Recovery Class

Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby is a breakup recovery expert, and she has helped countless people all over the world heal their broken hearts. Now her guidance is available to you through an affordable, online class. 

Heal Your Broken Heart teaches you how to:

Decide If You Should Try Again • Release Your Emotional Attachment • Find Forgiveness • Repair Your Self Esteem • Stop Obsessing • Restore Your Inner Peace • Trust Again •  Love After Loss

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How to Heal Your Broken Heart

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