“We want it to be like how it was in the beginning.”

Can you rekindle the passion in your marriage? Or is it the eventual fate of all couples to be as bored and put off by each other as they are attached? Many couples arrive in marriage counseling really worried that the fact they’re feeling “meh” about each other is a sign that something is very wrong in their relationship. They think that they’ve “Fallen Out of Love,” and that this is a reason to end their relationship.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth: This moment is when real growth, passion and intimacy can begin.

And my purpose for making this particular podcast today is to share with you what I teach my marriage counseling clients about what’s going on with the “falling out of love” phenomena.  (The short answer: Don’t Panic).

I’ll also give you some strategies about how to rekindle the passion that may surprise you — and I can promise you that the punchline of this podcast is not going to be to have a date night and buy some lingerie. We go deeper than that on The Love, Happiness and Success Podcast.

I’m going to talk to you about what you need to do, and really, who you need to become, in order to want to have a date night and go buy some lingerie.

How to Rekindle The Passion: Listen Now

And here are some more resources if you’d like to explore the ideas I brought up in the podcast and article:

The Passionate Marriage by David Scharch, MD

Mating in Captivity by Esther Perel