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Expert Marriage Counseling Helps You…

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Reconnect With Love

All couples have ebbs, flows, and rough patches. These crossroad moments are invitations to growth and evolution in your marriage.

Effective, expert marriage counseling restores the intimacy, empathy, respect, and appreciation that allows you to fix your relationship issues once and for all, so that your love can flourish and grow.

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Create Healthy Communication

Positive, effective marriage counseling is the key to a healthy happy marriage. It brings out the best in both of you. It helps you have honest, courageous conversations that lead to positive change.

Our strengths-based approach helps you both move past resentment or withdrawal and gain a new understanding of yourselves and each other.

You’ll learn healthy communication skills revitalizing and strengthening your unconditionally loving connection.

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Build Emotional Intimacy

Effective marriage counseling focuses on helping you both feel cared for, respected, and understood — and like you’re getting your needs met in the relationship. True intimacy generates compassion, kindness, and responsiveness and repairs your strong attachment bond.

Building your emotional intimacy will help you both feel deeply connected, which leads to increased sexual intimacy, productive communication, and a strengthened partnership on every level.

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Rediscover Joy and Satisfaction

We help couples evolve so that marriage stops feeling like “work” and starts feeling easy, effortless, and fun again. You can grow a powerhouse partnership grounded in shared values and unconditional love.

We help you discover what happy couples know, you rediscover your delight with each other, manage everything as a unified team, and enjoy the simple pleasures of your beautiful shared life.

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Continue Growing Together

Couples who embrace the challenge of growing together emerge with a new understanding, new skills, and a stronger, deeper connection. They are better prepared to thrive, whatever the future may bring.

Our positive, powerful approach to expert marriage counseling helps you learn how to work through anything together effectively and get your marriage back on track. You’ll “graduate” with an enduring skill-set — empowered to continue growing together over the decades ahead.

Expert Marriage Counseling at Growing Self is Different.

The marriage and family therapists of Growing Self are authentic relationship experts with specialized education and experience in helping couples and families flourish and thrive.

We use evidence-based approaches to marriage counseling — including the Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy — to help you improve communication, change difficult patterns, rebuild connection, get into alignment, and strengthen your marriage.

A Positive, Powerful Approach to Expert Marriage Counseling


Most therapists providing marriage counseling don’t have specialized education and training in couples and family therapy. We do.

Our licensed marriage and family therapists are true relationship experts with the knowledge and experience to help you repair your bond.


Our marriage and family therapists use only evidence-based approaches, effective in creating real and lasting change.

Using tools backed by research, we’ll help you rebuild a deep, secure attachment and show each other the love and respect you both deserve.


Insight is not enough. Our productive approach to expert marriage counseling helps you understand yourselves and each other.

But you’ll also leave each session with game-changing insights, new agreements, and a clear plan of action to create positive changes in your day-to-day life together.


Marriage counseling with us is a positive experience. Really. Our relationship experts help you both feel heard and understood, and highlight your strengths.

Even partners reluctant to try counseling often leave our sessions feeling hopeful, positive, and eager to practice what they learned.

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