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What Happy Couples Know

As Denver marriage counseling specialists, we get it: Every couple faces challenges. We also know that the happiest couples understand these are growth opportunities to learn and grow stronger and more deeply in love than ever before.

Our Denver marriage counseling experts use positive and productive couples counseling and relationship coaching strategies to help you build on your strengths, heal from the wounds of the past, and learn to use every “conflict” as a doorway into a deeper, richer connection.

Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships never stop growing. They continually invite us to build empathy, emotional intelligence, compassion, communication skills, and our capacity to show one another love and respect.

In service of our love and commitment to each other, we become kinder, happier, more authentic versions of ourselves. Our Denver marriage counselors will show you how to generate this fresh, positive energy in your marriage — every day.

Denver Couples Therapy at Growing self is Different

Most therapists offering marriage counseling have had — at best — one graduate-level class in marriage and family therapy. Because they don’t know what they don’t know, this often leads to unhappy outcomes for the unsuspecting couples seeking help from them.

Our Denver couples therapists are different. We are marriage and family therapists with specialized degrees and advanced clinical training in evidence-based approaches to couples and family therapy, specifically.

We have the skills and expertise to help you repair your strong bond, develop communication that connects, and build transformative understanding for yourselves and each other. Our approach is empowering, active, and leads to positive changes that stick.

Build a Beautiful relationship

Our Positive, Productive
Denver Marriage Counseling Helps You…

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Improve Your Communication

Successful couples can work through anything as long as they have healthy and respectful communication.

Our Denver couples therapists use evidence-based approaches to couples therapy and like the Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Couples therapy, to help you both have productive conversations that lead to a deeper, more empathetic connection.

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Reignite Physical and Emotional Intimacy

Secure relationships are built on a foundation of emotional intimacy, love, understanding, trust, and respect. Our experienced Denver couples counselors can help you restore your emotional and sexual bond and keep that connection alive for years to come.

Our growth-oriented, sex-positive approach to marriage counseling and sex therapy helps you connect deeply and intimately, both in and out of the bedroom.

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Create Alignment

Positive, productive couples therapy in Denver and relationship coaching help you build a powerhouse partnership by creating agreements that feel good for you both — and then following through.

We can help you develop unity and alignment around your core values, and develop a shared vision for your future. Along the way, you’ll get on the same page about housework, parenting styles, priorities, family finances, and more.

Expert Denver Marriage Counseling, Made Easy


Most therapists providing marriage counseling don’t have specialized education and training in couples and family therapy. We do.

Our Denver marriage counselors are true relationship experts with the knowledge and experience to help you repair your bond.


Our marriage and family therapists use only evidence-based approaches, effective in creating real, lasting change.

Using tools backed by research, we’ll help you rebuild a deep, secure attachment and show each other the love and respect you both deserve.


We help you understand yourselves and each other through powerful growth experiences.

You’ll leave each session with game-changing insights, ideas, agreements, and a clear plan of action to improve your relationship.


Our Denver marriage counseling is a positive experience. Really.

Even partners reluctant to try counseling often leave our sessions feeling hopeful, positive, and eager to practice what they learned.

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