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The Journey to Parenthood

Support for New, Expecting, and Hopeful Parents

Deciding When to Have a Baby

“Are we ready to start building a family?” “When is the right time to have a baby?” “I want kids, but my husband doesn’t,” or “I want another baby, but my wife doesn’t.” Common questions — complex answers.

Many couples seek out couples counseling because they become gridlocked over the mother of all questions: if or when to have a baby. Others are faced with unplanned parenthood and need to make a major life decision — fast.

Our experienced, unbiased marriage counselors can help you create alignment in your relationship and make thoughtful choices together when building a family.

Couple sitting by window representing infertility challenges in building a family

Coping With Infertility

Coping with primary or secondary infertility can be incredibly stressful and painful on many levels: emotionally, financially, and relationally.

A compassionate infertility therapist can create a safe and non-judgmental space for you to process complex feelings, get support for your mental and emotional wellbeing, and maintain your strong relationship as a couple.

Husband comforting wife with a kiss on the forehead, representing building a family and pregnancy loss

Healing After Pregnancy Loss

Miscarriage, pregnancy loss, and infant loss are common experiences but not often discussed openly — leading many people to feel alone in this unique and complex grief.

Evidence-based, emotionally focused therapy for pregnancy loss can help you work through feelings of grief, reclaim power and strength, and reconnect with hope for the future.

Manage Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

Building a family and having a new baby is a joyful, meaningful experience — and a complex one, emotionally.

Perinatal and postpartum depression and anxiety impact many women and men, taking a toll on mental health and relationships. Couples with complicated pregnancies or birth experiences may need extra support.

Seeking out evidence-based online therapy or a good Denver therapist for postpartum depression and anxiety can help you feel like yourself again and enjoy the experience of parenthood.

Marriage after Baby

Pregnant couples spend so much time preparing for parenthood, but they’re often blindsided by the ways their marriage changes when baby comes home.

Positive, evidence-based couples counseling or relationship coaching can help you reconnect emotionally and sexually, communicate effectively, build a supportive, equitable partnership, co-create positive parenting strategies, and help each other grow into this new phase of life and love.

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Build a Strong Family

Babies and small children don’t come with an instruction manual. Yet we all carry “parenting playbooks” forged by our experiences in our family of origin.

In addition to providing you with practical tips for new parents, evidence-based marriage counseling helps families understand each other’s values, parenting styles, and expectations so they can work toward a shared vision for a strong, healthy family — together.

Growing Self is Different.

The couples and family counselors at Growing Self are Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists: true relationship experts with specialized education in evidence-based approaches to couples counseling, family therapy, parent coaching, and more, plus years of experience helping couples and families learn and grow, together. Meet our team of marriage and family experts.

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