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Expert Long-Distance Couples Therapy Helps You Create…

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A Close, Connected Long-Distance Relationship

Why long-distance couples therapy? Every couple needs to feel connected and secure to have a thriving relationship. For long-distance couples, this takes extra effort and intention.

Expert online long-distance couples therapy, marriage counseling, or relationship coaching builds emotionally attuned communication skills so you both feel cared for and rituals of connection that will help you stay close — no matter the distance.

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Empathy and Understanding

We help people all over the world make long-distance relationships work. Cross-cultural relationships, and military relationships all bring joys, strengths… and a unique set of struggles.

Our expert relationship coaches can help you understand each other, develop communication that connects, and build bridges to the center that honor both of your perspectives.

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Clarity and Commitment

“Where is this relationship going?” And “Does it make sense for one of us to relocate?” These are common long-distance relationship questions.

Long-distance couples counseling, relationship coaching, or marriage counseling helps you build clarity and resolve commitment issues to feel confident about your future.

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A Smooth Move from Long-Distance to Non-Distance

If you’ve been living apart, the transition to living in the same space can be challenging. Many couples benefit from support during this process, which may involve power struggles, or trouble achieving a healthy interdependence.

Long-distance couples counseling and coaching helps you forge the relationship you want as you move from long-distance to non-distance.

Expert, Long-Distance Couples Therapy at Growing Self

Our relationship experts are marriage and family therapists with extensive experience coaching long-distance couples. We understand the challenges long-distance couples face — and how to overcome them. Using a positive, evidence-based approach, we’ll help you achieve your relationship goals and continue growing together.

All of our online marriage counseling, online couples therapy, and online relationship coaching services are available to long-distance couples all over the world through secure, three-way HIPAA-compliant video. Want to meet in person? Book a ticket to Denver for an “intensive” with one of our expert Denver couples therapists.

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The Benefits of Online Long-Distance Couples Therapy


We conduct all of our long-distance online couples counseling sessions through secure, HIPAA-compliant online video and uphold the highest ethical standards to ensure your privacy and confidentiality — always.


Our online video platform allows us to meet with you both through three-way video, whether you’re together or apart. That way, online marriage counseling sessions fit into your life.


Our online video platform is easy to use. You’ll get a secure meeting link from your counselor or coach to use for every session. You can use it from your laptop, tablet, or phone with zero hassle.


Our evidence-based long-distance couples therapy gives you an actionable roadmap to making real and lasting change, so you can move forward confidently as a couple.

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