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An Intimate Relationship, On Every Level

Sex Therapy for Emotional and Sexual Intimacy

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Reignite Your Connection

When you fall in love, sex is so easy and exciting that it’s hard to imagine anything will change. But many seek out couples counseling because, over time, they feel like roommates who barely interact… much less have sex with each other.

Our sex therapists understand that sexual intimacy and emotional intimacy are deeply intertwined. We’ll help you rejuvenate your emotional bond — and your sex life.

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Become Partners in Pleasure

Talking about emotional intimacy and sexuality can feel painfully vulnerable: so many couples don’t… and drift apart as a result.

Our experienced relationship counselors help you feel comfortable talking about everything: your hopes and fears, sexual desire differences, histories, and futures.

These courageous conversations help you achieve compassionate understanding and genuine pleasure in your relationship — both in and out of the bedroom.

How is Sex Therapy Different at Growing Self?

Sex therapists at Growing Self are — first and foremost — relationship experts: marriage and family therapists with extensive, specialized training and expertise in helping couples and individuals cultivate healthy, happy, emotionally intimate relationships.

Positive sexuality is an important part of a healthy relationship, and sex therapy is often part of the effective marriage counseling, couples therapy, and relationship coaching we do here.

Our relationship experts provide therapy in Denver and sex therapy online. We use evidence-based approaches to couples counseling and sex therapy — including the Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy — to help you build satisfying emotional, physical, and sexual intimacy in your relationship.

Sex Therapy at Growing Self Helps You…

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Deepen Your Emotional Bond

Here’s a secret: Many “sexual issues” aren’t really about sex. They’re about emotional disconnection, lingering resentments, or other patterns that get in the way of sexual desire.

A sex therapist helps you have productive conversations that shine a light on how other parts of your relationship impact your sex life.

By strengthening your emotional bond, you keep the romance alive.

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Revitalize Your Sex Life

Hello, parenthood! Next stop, perimenopause.

As couples enter new phases of life together, they must intentionally nurture their relationship over and over again.

Experienced marriage and family therapists understand how dynamics shift through every stage of life and love.

We help you keep stress from taking your sex life in marriage with evidence-based approaches that honor both your needs, rights, and feelings — reviving the spark in your sexual connection.

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Cultivate Healthy, Happy Sexuality

Aside from the cringey “sex-ed” class in school, no one teaches us how to develop a healthy sense of sexuality, or maintain a healthy sexual relationship with a long-term partner. Worse, many people have had damaging sexual experiences in the past that impact their present.

Our sexual health correlates to our physical health, emotional health, and the health of our relationships. Sex therapy helps you unpack these complex relationships and cultivate health and healing in your sex life — and your mental and emotional wellness, too.

Confidential & Empowering
Sex Therapy

True Connection

We’re here for you. Confidential sex therapy with an expert offers hope and creates real change, helping you and your partner recapture closeness and connection again.

We offer sex therapy and couples counseling in Denver, CO. We also offer therapy online through HIPAA-compliant video.

Expert Guidance

Our expert sex therapists help take the scary out of sex therapy, empowering you to have those difficult conversations and helping you move closer together toward greater intimacy and fulfillment.

We offer evening and weekend hours so that you can meet with a relationship expert at your convenience.

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