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Long-distance relationships have unique strengths and challenges. The Long-Distance Relationship Collection features relationship advice from our expert long-distance couples counselors that will help you keep your love strong and secure, across the miles.

The Latest Posts in The Long Distance Relationships Collection

How to Have Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations are tough, and easy to avoid (or botch). But authentic communication is vital for healthy relationships — especially when it’s about something hard to talk about. Get strategies for having productive, “critical conversations” on this episode of the podcast.

Long-Distance Relationship Breakup

Breaking up is never easy, Denver Therapist, Utah Couples Counselor, and Online Breakup Support Expert Kensington O. shares how to know when it’s time to end things and if it is time, how to move on gracefully.

Emotional Safety

Emotional safety is the foundation of a healthy relationship. Here are communication tips for how to create emotional safety in marriage.
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