Mind Control: Take Charge of Your Life

Take Charge of Your Life

Do you ever get frustrated with yourself for not doing the things you know you should do to take charge of your life? Of course! We all know how incredibly hard it can be to stay motivated and on track for the long haul. As a therapist and life coach, I see this struggle with motivation every day. 

You only need to look at what a huge industry life coaching has become to see how many hundreds of thousands of people are enlisting the support of a coach to help them stay motivated, stay accountable, and make things happen. There is a reason why people reach out to life coaches: it can be tough to stay on track and follow through when you’re going it alone.

However, there are things that you can do on your own to take charge of your life and achieve your goals. In particular, when you get in control of your mind, you can transcend limitations and overcome obstacles that may have seemed insurmountable before.

Your Mind + Body connection is undeniably powerful. Research consistently shows the impact that your physical health, diet, exercise, and sleep habits have on your mood and on the way you think. But it works the other way too — cognitive approaches to therapy have been found by research to be the most consistently effective way of improving your mood, feeling better, sleeping better, and getting better results.

“When you get in control of your thoughts, you get in control of your life.”

Learn How to Take Charge of Your Life and Get in Control of Your Mind

Being able to harness the power of believing in yourself and take charge of your life isn’t about luck or magic. Just like happiness is learned you can also learn how to use simple skills and strategies to build your motivation, resist the temptations that will lure you off track, and achieve your goals.

My guest on this episode of the Love, Happiness and Success Podcast, Sir John Hargrave, is here to teach you how. Sir John is the author of Mind Hacking: How to Change Your Mind For Good in 21 Days. I spoke with Sir John a few months ago before he released his book. In our “Mind Hacking: Reprogram Your Brain” podcast he discussed tools and tips you can use to “debug” your brain and straighten out your thinking process.

Today, he’s back to share his latest adventures and advice with us. To prove how powerful his mind control techniques are, Sir John just undertook a 21 day fast. He’s here today to speak with us about the mental jiu-jitsu he used on himself to accomplish this goal. He’s sharing his insights with you, so YOU can use similar strategies to make things happen in your own life.

Listen to Sir John’s great, specific advice and learn how to increase your motivation, your focus, and your sense of control. Learn more about Sir John and his book, his program, and his latest adventures in mind control at www.mindhacki.ng

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Mind Control: Take Charge of Your Life

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