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In the Relationship Repair Collection, you’ll find compassionate advice from our expert marriage counselors and couples therapists to support your relationship through rough patches.

Here you’ll find articles and podcasts for healing and growth for both of you, as well as thoughtful recommendations for how to rebuild your bond, and grow stronger than ever before.

The Latest Posts in The Relationship Repair Collection

What Is an LMFT?

How is an LMFT different from a mental health counselor? Learn what an LMFT is and how to find the right help for your relationship.

7 Things that Sabotage Couples Counseling

Thinking about couples counseling? Avoid these seven common marriage counseling mistakes to get effective help for your relationship.

Tools for Surviving Infidelity

You can mend your marriage and your heart after an affair. These tools for surviving infidelity can help you restore peace, trust, and security.

How to Talk to Your Partner about Couples Counseling

Is it time to have “The Talk?” Do it right! Learn how to talk to your partner about couples counseling and get the relationship help you need.

The Stages of a Dying Marriage

Is your marriage in trouble? Help is here. Learn about the stages of a dying marriage and what to do in a marriage crisis.

Codependency Versus Interdependence

How close is too close? Learn about the difference between codependency versus interdependence and what a healthy balance looks like.

How to Build Trust in a Relationship

Trust is an essential ingredient in any relationship. Learn how to build trust in a relationship and a strong foundation for love.

Common Money Issues in Marriage & How to Overcome Them

Why is it so hard to manage money as a couple? Learn about the most common money issues in marriage so you can avoid these pitfalls.
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