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In the Relationship Repair Collection, you’ll find compassionate advice from our expert marriage counselors and couples therapists to support your relationship through rough patches.

Here you’ll find articles and podcasts for healing and growth for both of you, as well as thoughtful recommendations for how to rebuild your bond, and grow stronger than ever before.

The Latest Posts in The Relationship Repair Collection

Man with his elbows in his knees and hands on his forehead. Signs your relationship is failing.

Signs Your Relationship Is Failing

Learn the signs your relationship is failing and how to fix them before it’s too late!
Couple representing one anxious and one avoidant

When Anxious Meets Avoidant

Why is the anxious attachment style attracted to the avoidant attachment style? Learn how anxious-avoidant relationships work, and how to fix them.
Wife listening to husband representing getting through to your partner.

How to Get Through to Your Partner

Struggling to feel heard in your relationship? Avoiding these common communication mistakes will help you get through to your partner (or anyone).
Couple achieving their goal of cooking dinner together

Achieving Your Couple Goals

Ready to achieve your couple goals? Learn how to take your relationship’s pulse, find your growth areas, and design your shared future.
Couple sitting with arms crossed, looking away from each other. How to stop a divorce and save your marriage.

How to Stop a Divorce and Save Your Marriage

Want to stop a divorce and save your marriage? Learn how to handle a relationship crisis the right way and keep your family together.
Couple sitting down next to each other empathetically holding hands practicing apology languages

The Apology Languages

Not all apologies are the same. Learn about apology languages & how to make amends the right way to create healing in your relationship.
girlfriends laughing on couch: what makes a good life partner?

What Makes a Good Life Partner?

What makes a good life partner? Attraction fades and feelings ebb and flow, but these qualities are what really make love last…
Unhappy couple showing signs your marriage is in trouble.

6 Signs Your Marriage is in Trouble

Are your ups and downs normal or is it time to call a marriage counselor? Here are six signs your marriage is in trouble.
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