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In the Relationship Repair Collection, you’ll find compassionate advice from our expert marriage counselors and couples therapists to support your relationship through rough patches.

Here you’ll find articles and podcasts for healing and growth for both of you, as well as thoughtful recommendations for how to rebuild your bond, and grow stronger than ever before.

The Latest Posts in The Relationship Repair Collection

A man stands in focus in a crowd while everyone around him is blurred representing how to heal avoidant attachment

How to Heal an Avoidant Attachment Style

Having an avoidant attachment style makes intimate relationships challenging. Learn how to heal avoidant attachment and build closer connections.
A couple snuggles on the couch, representing how to overcome fear of intimacy

How to Overcome Fear of Intimacy

Trouble getting close? If you or your partner has ‘intimacy issues,’ learn how to build safety, trust, and a closer connection.
A couple shares a tender moment in the kitchen representing how to be more emotionally available in relationships

How to Be Emotionally Available in Relationships

Do you want to connect more deeply with others? Learn how to be more emotionally available in relationships and build fulfilling connections.
A couple laughs in the kitchen representing positivity in relationships

How to Cultivate Positivity in Your Relationship

Has your relationship been feeling difficult lately? Cultivating positivity in your relationship can help you start a new chapter together. Learn how.
A couple cuddles in bed representing low sex drive ruining your relationship

Low Sex Drive Ruining Your Relationship? What to Do!

Low sex drive can take a toll on the emotional connection you have with your partner. Learn how to navigate dry spells and keep your relationship healthy and strong.
A couple has a serious conversation sitting on the floor representing how to talk to your partner about couples counseling

How to Talk to Your Partner about Couples Counseling

Is it time to have “The Talk?” Do it right! Learn how to talk to your partner about couples counseling and get the relationship help you need.
Tug of war representing power struggle in relationships.

Power Struggle in Relationships

Stuck in a relationship power struggle? Here’s some advice to cultivate healthy communication so you both feel respected and understood.
Couple walking away from each other at sunset.

Why Relationships Fail

Ever wonder why relationships fail? On this podcast, we’re exploring the anatomy of a failed relationship, so you can keep yours healthy and strong.
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