Couples Therapy

Be Happy, Together

Nurture Your Relationship.

No one teaches us how to have strong, healthy relationships. We just fall in love and hope for the best. All couples have challenges to work through, but the strongest, happiest ones use proactively use these “growth moments” as an opportunity to nurture their relationship, by seeking out couples counseling.

Couples therapy helps you…

Cultivate Connection

Every challenge is a chance to grow closer, stronger, and healthier than before.

With a toolbox of healthy communication skills, you and your partner can use constructive conflict as a doorway to deeper connection and mutual understanding.

Grow Together

Effective couples therapy helps you learn and grow, both as individuals and as a couple.

Together, you’ll gain insight about your attachment styles , develop a healing relationship that allows you to strengthen yourselves, and grow into the loving partners you both deserve.

Why Are They So Happy?
Couples Therapy.

Couples Therapy at Growing Self is Different.

Here’s a dirty secret: Most therapists offering couples counseling have had, at best, one graduate-level class on the subject. They don‘t know what they don’t know, and it creates unhappy outcomes for unsuspecting couples.

Our couples therapists are different: We are marriage and family therapists — true relationship experts with advanced degrees specifically in couples and family therapy, and years of specialized experience in helping couples get out of unhealthy relationship patterns and rebuild their strong bond.

We use evidence-based approaches to couples therapy that help you heal, grow, and build transformative understanding for yourselves and each other. Then, you’ll learn skills and strategies to make positive changes that stick.

Couples Therapy Makes Your Good Relationship Great.

The strongest couples are the ones who care enough
to work on themselves and intentionally create a great relationship.
Couples therapy is where they learned how.


Our positive approach to therapy brings out the best in both of you: compassion, validation, personal responsibility, and emotional security.

We’ll help you design a bright future together that focuses on your strengths, honors your secure attachment, resolves conflict, and helps you both be emotionally safe, supportive partners who meet each other’s needs.


Happy, healthy, enduring relationships don’t happen by accident. They’re created by couples who’ve learned how to communicate effectively, cultivate emotional intimacy, and show each other love and respect.

Productive couples therapy teaches you how to create harmony, appreciation, and gratitude for each other, so you can keep your relationship strong for years to come.


Insight is great, but it‘s not enough. Our evidence-based therapy gives you an actionable roadmap to overcome toxic relationship patterns once and for all — not just talk about it.

Effective couples counselors provide clear direction about how to not just avoid the biggest relationship mistakes, but what to do differently in order to get better results — and then hold you accountable for following through.


Getting involved with a world-class couples counselor or relationship coach is easy. All of our relationship counseling services are available online (and yes, we provide long-distance couples counseling, too).

If you’d like to meet in person, we provide couples counseling in Denver too, and convenient office locations in central Denver, Broomfield, and Greenwood Village, Colorado.

Couples Therapy

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