One thing I've learned as a marriage counselor is that there are fundamental differences between relationships that end, and ones that are reparable. Relationships that can be mended have higher levels of commitment, compassion, and respect than relationships that fail. And as sad as it is when couples decide to split, in many cases it's really a good thing for both partners.

Of course break-ups are hard, and often incredibly painful to go through. There is loss, and grieving to do when your heart is broken. It's especially difficult if you're not the one who called things off. You have the right to be sad and hurt.

At the same time, from my perspective of walking through the “stay or go” experience with so many people, I understand that in reality this break up was probably a blessing for you in the long run. On this episode of the Love, Happiness and Success Podcast, I'll share with you why this relationship needed to end, and why your life will be better for it.




Listen Now, and Learn Why Your Break Up Was a Good Thing.

Music Credits: “Pearl” from Throwing Muses.

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How to Heal Your Broken Heart

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