Help For Your Relationship

I’ve spent a decade as a Denver marriage counselor — and I’ve been married for nearly twenty years myself. I’ve learned a thing or two about relationships, along the way. I frequently have people email me with various relationship dilemmas, and I’ve had listeners of the Love, Happiness and Success Podcast from all over the world get in touch with me regarding their relationship questions. I thought I’d address a few of them on today’s podcast.

Advice From A Marriage Counselor: Your Relationship Questions, Answered.

“How do I bring up delicate topics with my partner? (Like their bad breath, or their weight?)”

“What do I do if I don’t like my partner’s friends?”

• “How important is it for me to feel ‘butterflies’ for my partner? If I don’t, is there a problem?”

• “How fast should relationships move, in the beginning?”

• “What’s a warning sign of a toxic relationship?”

• “What do I do if I want to move forward and get married or have children, but my partner doesn’t?”

I’ll be discussing all these questions, and more, on today’s episode of the Love, Happiness and Success Podcast.

Are there questions that you have? Let me know, either in the comments below or click here to contact me through my website. I’ll be glad to answer them in an article, on an upcoming podcast!

xo, Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

Listen Now: Your Relationship Questions, Answered

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