12 Effective Ways to Destroy Your Relationship

12 Effective Ways to Destroy Your Relationship

The Love, Happiness & Success Podcast with Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby


Are you unknowingly making the biggest relationship mistakes? Are you on the way to destroy your relationship? As a couples counselor and Denver marriage counselor, I often speak, write and podcast about all the positive, effective ways that you can improve your relationship. I talk about communication skills, developing empathy, how to work together as a team, how to appreciate each other, ways to get on the same page with regard to parenting and all the things that couples can do to create a strong, satisfying relationship and a lifetime of love.

Avoid The Biggest Relationship Mistakes!

So, today… I’m mixing it up. I decided to put together a very straightforward list of what NOT to do if you want to have a great relationship. In fact, I decided to discuss the twelve biggest relationship mistakes that will destroy your relationship in hopes of helping you avoid the biggest relationship pitfalls.

[One of the biggest pitfalls? Unrealistic Expectations. Here’s more: How to Avoid Unrealistic Expectations]

While this is a tongue-in-cheek bit of satire (mostly), I’m also shining a light on the relationship-ruining behaviors that we can all engage in (we all do them sometimes, myself included). However, self-awareness and personal responsibility are some of the most important relationship skills that any of us have at our disposal, and I do hope that this exploration helps you (and possibly your partner) gain understanding about the things you might be doing to destroy your relationship inadvertently.

[Like: How to Stop Being Codependent]

Positive, Direct Relationship Coaching (How NOT to Destroy Your Relationship)

While I did outline some of the biggest relationship mistakes you can make…. my natural inclination to positivity prevailed. I went back through the list of relationship-damaging behaviors and discussed their positive relationship corollaries. 

I hope that this very honest discussion helps you create the strong, happy relationship you want and deserve.

All the best, 

Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

PS: Have you taken my “How Healthy is Your Relationship” Quiz yet? I mentioned it on the podcast as a resource to help you take a snapshot of how your relationship is currently doing in all the areas I described. Take the relationship quiz here.

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12 Effective Ways to Destroy Your Relationship

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