Does your heart tell you one thing, and your head another?

As a Denver therapist and online life coach, I often sit with people who are stuck in agonizing indecision. Part of them wants to make a change, but another part cautions against it. It could be about a relationship, their career, a move, or another major life event. Sometimes, people can feel a powerful emotional pull towards something that, rationally, seems like a terrible idea. Even more mystifying is when there is an objectively “right” choice that still feels like doom.

So which one should you listen to? It's so confusing when you're being pulled in different directions.

Here's a new idea: Don't give either too much weight, until you've done some work.

Know Thyself

The key to making the right decision is self awareness, and understanding your own vulnerabilities. Only then can you recognize when either your head or your heart is pulling you off track.

It's hard work to recognize and flush out the “cognitive distortions” you might be most vulnerable to, and instead, cultivate values-based clarity. Likewise, it takes effort and intention to learn how to manage your emotions in a healthy way, and mindfully detach from old fears that are no longer necessary.

The good news is that that hard work pays off. When you are confident in your judgment AND in your emotional wisdom, then you can make major life decisions from a place of strength and confidence.

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