The Emotional Intelligence Collection

Create Love, Happiness, and Success

Building your emotional intelligence is the heart of personal growth, and healthy relationships. Developing yourself in this area is the key to everything: Love, Happiness and Success.

In The Emotional Intelligence Collection, you will find expert advice from our therapists, relationship counselors and career coaches for gaining self-awareness, developing stronger personal and professional relationships, building your communication skills, and cultivating emotional wellness for a happier, healthier you.

Three Practical Tips for Productive Communication When You’re Stressed

A couple’s ability to find time to connect is affected when stress levels are high. Here are 3 practical tips for productive communication.

Is Conflict Avoidance Hurting Your Relationship?

Conflict can be scary! Learn how to stop avoiding conflict in relationships and start having courageous conversations that bring you closer together.

Reacting vs. Responding: Communication 101

You know you’re supposed to respond, not react. But it’s easier said than done! Learn how to slow down and respond with intention.

The Anger Iceberg: Emotions Under the Surface

Anger is only the tip of the emotional iceberg. Learn how to explore the deeper layers of your anger iceberg and manage your feelings effectively.

The Apology Languages

Not all apologies are the same. Learn about apology languages & how to make amends the right way to create healing in your relationship.

How to Have Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations are tough, and easy to avoid (or botch). But authentic communication is vital for healthy relationships — especially when it’s about something hard to talk about. Get strategies for having productive, “critical conversations” on this episode of the podcast.

Vulnerability in Relationships

Do you withdraw and shut down? Vulnerability in relationships is hard, but it’s the key to authentic connection. Use these strategies to open up!

Bids for Affection: How to Connect With Your Partner

Want to feel closer to your sweetie? Learn how to connect with your partner & strengthen your bond by using “bids for affection.”
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