Are You Worried About Your Relationship?

Is Your Relationship Just… Off? How to Stop Worrying About Your Relationship

Have you been feeling worried about your relationship? Are you feeling resentful or angry with your partner? Are you feeling hurt or shut out? Do you feel like the person who should be your number-one fan has recently turned into a source of pain and frustration?

If so, you’re not alone. All couples go through ups and downs. They drift apart and come back together – it’s part of being in a long-term relationship. That doesn’t make it any less worrying when it happens to you. And if disconnection and negativity have been going on for a while, it can begin to make you feel worried that your relationship might have more serious problems lurking beneath the surface.

Once negativity has taken hold of your relationship, reconnecting with your partner can be difficult. It might seem like every time you reach out to patch things up, a new hurt or disappointment bubbles up to the surface. It’s enough to make you feel helpless. If you’ve reached this point in your relationship, it might be time to seek professional advice. 

As a couples counselor who offers discernment counselor and couples counseling online, I’ve helped hundreds of couples get their relationships back on track, and I know that with a little professional guidance, most couples can reignite their love for one another and spend many more happy years together.

I also know that if you’re really worried about your relationship, you should pay attention to your intuition. Act now. Do things to show your partner that it can get better. Putting effort and energy into your relationship NOW gives you the opportunity to turn things around before one of you starts to lose hope.

Let’s Talk About How To Fix Your Relationship

On today’s episode of the Love, Happiness and Success Podcast, I’m putting on my Marriage Counselor hat to give you some advice that will help you figure out whether this “rough patch” is an indication of something serious (or not), whether you should breakup or stay together, and what you can do to get things back on track.

We’re discussing the most common types of relationship disconnections, from stress, to conflict, to falling out of love, and some actionable advice that you can use in each situation to begin establishing open lines of communication, repairing hurt feelings, and solving problems together. 

Improve Your Communication if You’re Worrying About Your Relationship

I’ll also be following up over the next few weeks with two “Communication 101” guides that will help you handle a partner who tends to withdraw and avoid talking about things, plus a tutorial on what to do with a partner who seems angry or critical.

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Are You Worried About Your Relationship?

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