Are You Making The 5 Biggest Relationship Mistakes?

Couples can fight, disagree, be very different — and still have fantastic relationships. But there are a few certain kinds of mistakes that can take down a marriage pretty quick. Because having a great marriage isn't necessarily about solving problems as much as it is about having a solid foundation of emotional connection. If you are making mistakes that damage that connection… look out.

Truthfully, the strength of your marriage isn't measured by whether or not you have conflict or even big noisy fights. The health of your relationship isn't determined by “communication skills” or whether or not you say please and thank you, or whether you're going on date-nights. It doesn't matter how similar you are, whether you want the same things out of life, have sex often enough, or have an equitable household chore plan worked out.

Actually, the health, strength and sustainability depend on whether or not you are making The 5 Biggest Relationship Mistakes:

1) Empathic Failure

2) Not asking for authentic needs to be met in a way that your partner can hear them

3) Not being responsive

4) Being self-focused

5) Not getting help if any of the above are missing

On today's episode of the Love, Happiness and Success Podcast I'll walk you through each of these “Big 5” relationship mistakes and give you some real world examples of how to do things differently. If you can shift your behaviors in these five areas, you'll be well on your way to repairing your love and bringing peace back to your home.

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How To Avoid The 5 Biggest Relationship Mistakes:

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What Mistakes Have You Made? I can clean about some of my own in today's episode. How about you? Are there times that you made some of those “biggest mistakes?” (Or, possibly were on the receiving end?) If so I hope you share your stories with others in the comments below… — Lisa