Markie D.


Dynamic Love, Life, & Career Coach

“Markie takes the time to really get to know your background first and makes insights into the patterns and values that have brought you to this point. After that, the client is free to choose a focus for each meeting. Markie is a calm and understanding positive presence whose dedication to helping...
- Life Coaching Client

Therapist Overview

Hi I’m Markie, and my mission is simple: To help you create authentic happiness and satisfaction in your life. Whether through career coaching, life coaching, dating coaching, divorce/breakup recovery coaching, or effective therapy, I support you to create deeper connections with others, as well as actualize your life purpose.

Love, Career, and Life Coaching

I have a master’s degree in counseling, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado and California, as well as a Board-Certified Coach. As a coach, I have worked with clients from all over the globe on a magnitude of issues including career satisfaction and advancement, academic and work performance, sport performance, creating healthier relationships, dating, online dating, and divorce.

My extensive coaching background makes me very useful for people who are seeking to achieve at a higher level and want to achieve success academically, in their careers, or in their relationships. I specialize in career coaching, and particularly enjoy helping millennials get clear about what they want to do with their lives, and then creating a “success plan” to attain it. I also love working with people going through relationship hardships, deal with a relationship loss (like coping after your Ex moves on), helping them heal after a breakup, or rebuild after a divorce.

My approach is so successful because I integrate interactive cognitive behavioral skills while assisting you in curating a holistic lifestyle for long-term success. My approach is always completely individualized to best fit your needs and goals. I believe that profound change is possible for you, and I will support you in creating what it is YOU define as success through our work together.

Positive, Solution-Focused Therapy

In addition to coaching, I am able to provide therapy to residents of Colorado and California. If I serve you as a therapist, I can help you resolve issues including extremely difficult life transitions, depression, anxiety, and more.

Markie is available to meet with you across the US and internationally through online video.

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