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Build Strong Bonds

Meet Tyson, a couples counselor, coach, and therapist who helps you build strong and healthy relationships with other people — and with yourself. If you’re ready to move forward, Tyson can help you discover new levels of self-confidence and develop a plan for achieving your most important goals.


Hi, I’m Tyson. Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about me and how I can help you take the next step toward growth and positive change. 

I’ve always been a big believer in the healing power of authentic connection — with friends, family, your partner, and most of all with yourself. As a husband and a father, I know that our relationships are the most precious things we have in life. But they’re not always easy. My training in marriage and family therapy has prepared me to help you improve your most important relationships, strengthen your self-love and self-esteem, and gain clarity about what you want in life and the best path to creating it. 

My past clients have described my approach as sincere, empathetic, direct, and effective. If you work with me, you can count on me to be committed to your growth and wellness. I will hold space for your most vulnerable emotions that you may not feel safe to express elsewhere. I will also help you weigh your values and act in ways that are as congruent with them as possible. I am highly flexible, and very willing to adapt my approach to ensure you are getting what you need. In the right environment, I believe that any one of us can heal and grow. 

Read on to learn more about what our work together could look like and the goals that we can focus on in counseling or coaching.

Expert Support for Your Relationship

If your relationship has been feeling difficult lately, I can support you through marriage counseling, premarital counseling, and  relationship coaching. My approach to helping couples combines compassion and encouragement with practical strategies, helping you build the skills and insights necessary for a thriving partnership. You can expect me to be balanced and fair, and to give each of you opportunities to be heard and validated. In this safe environment, I’ve seen many couples create genuine transformation in their relationships, and I’d love to help you too. 

Here are a few of the goals we can focus on in relationship coaching: 

  • Improving communication 
  • Reigniting the spark and connection in your relationship
  • Resolving conflict with your partner, or other important people in your life. 
  • Deepening intimacy 
  • Navigating parenting issues
  • Challenges related to open relationships 
  • Creating healthier boundaries
  • Premarital counseling and coaching

When working with couples, I primarily utilize approaches and techniques from Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. I’m also an approved facilitator of Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts.Learn more about the differences between relationship coaching and couples therapy, and which approach is right for you.

Action-Oriented Life Coaching

Life is full of ups and downs, and there’s no need to navigate them all on your own. If you’ve been feeling stuck or confused in an area of your life, I can help you get clear about what’s holding you back so you can start moving forward. As your life coach, I provide action-oriented guidance, motivation, and encouragement as you take courageous steps toward accomplishing your goals. 

Here are a few of the goals we can work on together in coaching: 

  • Clarifying what you want in life and creating a plan to achieve it. 
  • Working through identity questions, whether they’re about gender, sexuality, religion, politics, career, or other concerns. 
  • Dating coaching to help you create a meaningful relationship. 
  • ADHD coaching
  • Breakup recovery coaching
  • Building healthy habits and routines
  • Parent coaching for navigating parenting challenges
  • Achieving work-life balance
  • Career coaching 

Learn more about the differences between coaching and counseling and which approach is right for you.

Therapy Services

If you are struggling with the symptoms of a mental health condition such as anxiety or depression, I can support you as your therapist. I understand how challenging it can be to reach out for help, and I want to applaud you for taking this important step. 

As your therapist, I can offer you a safe and non-judgmental space where we can explore the thoughts, feelings, and experiences that are keeping you stuck. We’ll work to increase your self-awareness and self-compassion, find healthier ways of coping with distress, and create personalized strategies that support your wellbeing.  

In therapy, I’ve helped many people process long-suppressed emotions. I especially enjoy helping men shed unhealthy messages that have been harmful to them and gain emotional freedom, self-expression, and a values-driven life. 

When working with individuals in therapy, I primarily draw upon Narrative Therapy and Internal Family Systems, two evidence-based approaches to psychotherapy. 

I am able to provide individual and family therapy services to clients located in the state of Colorado. 

About Me

I was born and raised in Abilene, Texas. I received my M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Oklahoma State University and I am now a Marriage and Family Therapy Candidate in the state of Colorado. 

I have a wonderful spouse who is also practicing in this field. Together we share one beautiful son who we cherish every moment with. In my personal life, I am drawn to enjoying the things that make life vibrant for me: food, games, the outdoors, and my most important relationships. Just like you, I am on a journey to create greater love, happiness and growth in my own life, and I hope to enrich the lives of others similarly. 

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me. Now, I’d love to hear about you! If you think we’d be a good fit, I invite you to schedule a free consultation so I can learn about your goals for coaching or counseling.

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