Carolina M.

MS, RP (Qualifying), ACAMFT

Cultivate Deeper Connection & Growth

Therapist Overview

Hello, I’m Carolina.

I’m a couples counselor, therapist, and coach who is passionate about helping you cultivate deeper and more satisfying relationships with yourself and others. By offering support and guidance, I can help you reach your highest potential both individually, and in your most important connections with others.

I believe that creating a safe and affirming space where personal growth can flourish is essential. I approach sessions with a curious, non-judgemental, and collaborative mindset, tailoring my approach to your unique needs, preferences, and goals.

Couples Counseling and Relationship Coaching

The heart of my clinical training is relational work. Humans are wired for connection, belonging, and love, and I believe our relationships have the power to determine the quality of our lives. I work with relationships at all stages, using a systemic approach that helps you address relationship challenges holistically. 

Here are a few of the goals we can work on together through couples counseling or relationship coaching:

  • Improving communication
  • Managing conflict
  • Transitioning to parenthood
  • Deepening empathy and understanding
  • Non-religious premarital counseling
  • Increasing intimacy and affection
  • Getting clear about the future of your relationship

I especially enjoy working with premarital couples and helping them have important conversations that lay the foundation for a happy, healthy marriage. 

In couples counseling, I draw upon a few different therapeutic models, including Emotionally Focused Therapy and Family Systems Theory, to help you navigate relational challenges and make long lasting change. I also use tools from the Gottman Method, which consists of research-based interventions to help you and your partner develop the skills and tools necessary to share fondness and admiration as well as create shared meaning. These evidence-based approaches focus on ways to help you identify, experience, and understand your emotions, as well as your partner’s. 

I also offer relationship coaching for couples. Relationship coaching focuses on your specific goals, identifying patterns that may be holding you back, and working together to help you and your partner build healthy relationship skills. This work helps you create a more satisfying connection, find better ways to communicate with each other, and achieve your shared goals for your relationship. Learn more about the difference between couples counseling and relationship coaching and which approach is right for you.

Couples and Family Therapy

In couples and family therapy, I help couples resolve deeper relational wounds, heal their attachment bonds, manage the impacts of mental health conditions, and more. 

Here are a few of the challenges that are most appropriate for couples and family therapy: 

  • Repairing trust after infidelity or betrayal
  • Healing deep relational wounds
  • Treating the symptoms of mental health conditions and managing their impacts on the relationship.

Life Coaching

In life coaching, we can explore your values, desires, and the obstacles that are holding you back from achieving the outcomes you want in life. Then I will help you develop a realistic “action plan” to begin moving forward, and offer support, guidance, and motivation as you put it into place.

Here are a few of the goals we could focus on in life coaching:

  • Improving your relationships
  • Clarifying your values and desires
  • Navigating life transitions
  • Building healthy self-esteem
  • Setting and achieving career goals
  • Strengthening your relationships

Dating Coaching

Working with a dating coach can help you lay a strong foundation for a healthy, loving partnership. I will help you get clear about the right partner for you, and any relationship patterns that may have held you back in the past. I’ll help you create a dating profile that puts your best foot forward, evaluate matches with potential, and make a strong connection with your ideal partner.

Breakup and Divorce Recovery

Losing a valued relationship is painful, and destabilizing. I can help you heal after a breakup or divorce, process the loss of your relationship, repair your self-esteem, find meaning and personal growth in this difficult experience, and move forward with strength and confidence. 

Individual Therapy

As an individual therapist, I have experience helping people with a wide array of mental health and emotional challenges, including:

  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Grief and loss 
  • And more.

I provide a safe and affirming space where you can explore, witness, and understand your full story. I believe patterns are important, and I will help you become more aware of yours and change those that are no longer serving you.

I draw from a variety of evidence-based therapeutic models, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Bowen Family Systems. This means I use evidence-based approaches that have been shown to be effective, while tailoring my approach to fit your needs, preferences, and goals. 

I consider it a privilege to hold space for meaningful change and healing, and I would love to support you in your growth process. I am able to provide therapy services to clients located in Ontario, Canada and coaching services to people across Canada, the U.S., and internationally. 

About Me

I earned my undergraduate degree from McGill University and my Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northwestern University. I completed my clinical internship at The Family Institute at Northwestern University, providing therapy to individuals, couples, and families from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. 

I am a co-author of multiple peer-review journal manuscripts and was recently published in one of the leading American Family Journals, Family Process. Additionally, I identify as a culturally responsive and affirmative therapist, and value working with people of diverse backgrounds and identities.

I am currently a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) in the province of Ontario, Canada. I am also an Associate Member of the Canadian Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (CAMFT). 

In my free time, I enjoy connecting with loved ones, cooking, reading, and spending time outdoors with my family, including our vizsla, Bruno. 

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me. Now, I would love to hear from YOU! If you’d like to discuss your current life challenges, and your goals for counseling and coaching, I invite you to schedule a free consultation.


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