Kaily M.


Flexible, Engaging, Knowledgeable

“Kaily was fantastic to work with. My wife and I both appreciated how easy she was to talk to and found her advice and techniques to be very helpful. She did a great job at relating with us that made it easier to open up with our problems.”
- Relationship Coaching Client

Therapist Overview

Hi, I’m Kaily. I’m a relationship coach, couples counselor, life coach, and therapist who wholeheartedly believes that you have all the skills and resources you need to make the changes you want in your life, but I also understand that at times, those parts of yourself can become hidden. If we work together, my role is all about helping you become aware of the strengths you already possess, and empowering you to bring your very best to your life, relationships, and yourself by building your capacity for self-love first.

My style of therapy and coaching is collaborative, flexible, and engaging. That means I’m right by your side, working with you to ensure that you feel safe, empowered, and completely in control of the changes we’re working on together. I believe that I will never know you better than you know yourself, and my job is to connect you to your own strength and wisdom so that you can make the positive changes you desire.

Relationship Coaching & Couples Counseling

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and I specialize in working with couples. I have a master of science in couples, marriage and family therapy from Texas Tech in Lubbock, which is a COAMFTE-accredited program. (COAMFTE stands for “Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education” which sets the bar high, and is a credential conferred to only the highest quality marriage and family therapy graduate programs.)

In addition to my degree, I have completed levels one and two of training in the Gottman Method of couples therapy which is an evidence-based approach designed to help couples build a strong foundation based on friendship and trust. I often use these strategies in my relationship coaching and marriage counseling sessions.

I offer Texas marriage counseling online, as well as online relationship coaching.

Through our work in relationship coaching, couples counseling, or Texas marriage counseling, I can help you improve communication and trust in your relationship by providing strategies for how to listen to each other and respond with understanding. The conversations had during our relationship coaching sessions will help both of you develop the skills to be able to voice concerns and come to a solution together — even long after our work has ended.

Life Coaching Services

In addition to providing Texas marriage counseling online, couples therapy and relationship coaching, I work with many individual clients to help them grow and thrive. When working with you individually in life coaching, I can help you identify and overcome barriers that could be impeding your everyday happiness and success. I also hope to help you find ways to put yourself first in your life in a way that will support the lasting and effective changes you are aspiring to.

I can be especially helpful to you if your goals include moving on after a difficult breakup or divorce, establishing healthy new relationships, and creating a life that feels fulfilling to you on every level.

My hope is that when our successful life coaching work has ended, you’ll have a greater understanding of yourself or your relationships and the patterns that might contribute to less than ideal outcomes in your daily life. That self-awareness will empower you to stay true to yourself, and maintain your motivation for the long haul. I am able to provide life coaching to clients located anywhere in the U.S. and internationally

Online Therapy in Texas

In addition to my coaching services, I am able to provide mental health treatment to residents of Texas. In my therapeutic work, I assist individuals, couples, and families in shedding light on mental health struggles that are impacting you day-to-day.

My goal in therapy is to help bring you to a place of understanding that you are not defined by the problems you are experiencing. Through that new understanding, we can begin to create a new story for your life, in which you are in control of your happiness and daily living. I have specialized training in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, which allows me to support you with processing and healing from painful life experiences.

I also believe in learning from you during our work together. My flexibility in session comes from my mindset that sessions should be tailored to fit what you see as most helpful, rather than making sure I adhere to plans I had for our time together. I also like to keep sessions fun and engaging through the activities I choose to metaphors used to describe situations that can provide you a new perspective.

While I work with individuals and families from all walks of life, I have a passion for working with individuals and systems who are a part of the LGBT+ community. I believe this community has been marginalized and subjected to treatment suited for heterosexual couples in the past due to limited education and training by clinicians and researchers. With more research and treatment suggestions becoming available for clinicians working directly with this population, I hope to be able to help close the gap in mental health treatment that has previously limited the resources for LGBT+ persons.

About Me

I went to Texas Tech University (Wreck ‘em!) for both my bachelors and masters degrees. I have a five year old German Shepherd named Eve who most of my days revolve around. I love to craft anything and everything, and I enjoy getting to craft things for other people. I have also begun making oversized Jenga sets that I sand, cut, and stain myself. I hope I can soon take those woodworking skills and put them to use in making furniture!

I’m available to meet with you for life coaching, and couples counseling online, and if you’re based in Texas, I can serve as your online therapist in Texas too. The first step in getting started is to schedule a free consultation session with me so we can discuss your hopes and goals, and how our work together can help you achieve them.

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