Lisa J.


Supportive Growth for Individuals and Couples

“Lisa is very patient and attentive while I try to explain myself. And she has good feedback without sounding preachy or condescending.”
- Individual Therapy Client

Therapist Overview

Hi, I’m Lisa J. I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor in Illinois, Texas, and Arizona, a Nationally Certified Counselor, and I have completed training in levels 1 and 2 in the Gottman Method of Couples Counseling. Congratulations on being here, and researching your options: This is the first step in moving bravely forward with your goals! I’m here to support you in creating intentional relationships and increasing self-awareness—in your marriage, your family, your friendships, and within your own sense of self.

A client recently sent me a note that said, “Your gentle strength, insight and creativity was a huge gift to me.” What I have heard from clients over the years is that I offer a warm, caring presence that makes it safe to discuss, open up, share and make a plan of action. I’m told that my calming nature helps clients feel they can tackle tough issues in a way that’s collaborative and supportive.

Whether you’re coming to see me as a couple, or on your own, I offer you a safe, welcoming environment in which to understand yourself and others, and to use the past as a powerful guide for gaining insight and clarity about how to get more of what you really want.

How I Can Help You?

…as a Therapist

If you are seeking treatment for mild mental health concerns or looking for a space to heal, therapy may be a great fit for you. I am able to provide therapy to you, if you are located in Texas, Illinois, or Arizona. If we work together in therapy, I will provide caring, experienced, and personalized support to you that is focused on helping you feel empowered to reduce your symptoms and achieve your goals. I believe there’s always a way to improve a situation — to shift an unproductive mindset or shift into a space of greater wellness.

I use a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach to help you identify and challenge thoughts or behaviors that no longer serve you well. Beneath the distressing emotions of anger or anxiety or fear or sadness, there is an underlying truth: the potential for peace and joy is always with you. It’s healthy and productive to seek support and encouragement to build stronger foundations for love and success.

I’ve counseled clients across the lifespan—from the very young to the very old. A growing self is possible at any age! I also have expertise in working with individuals experiencing many types of loss, such as the death of a loved one, or the loss of one’s health, career, or special relationship. Moving through grief and accepting change can be hard work, but also a tremendous opportunity for renewal and the discovery of new meaning and purpose.

… As a Couples Counselor or Relationship Coach

I have extensive training and experience in helping couples. I completed levels one and two of training in the Gottman Method of couples counseling.  I can support you in your creation of a happy, healthy relationship. My approach incorporates Acceptance and Commitment therapy, the Gottman Method, and principles of emotion-focused therapy.

I can help you with things like:

  • Resolving gridlock and getting on the same page around major life decisions
  • Becoming a loving, effective “united front” as parents
  • Setting healthy boundaries with your families of origin so that you can create your own family
  • Improving your communication
  • Increasing trust and commitment: The cornerstones of a “Sound Marital House”

Above all else, I believe that great communication is the pillar of truly rewarding relationships, and I’m here to help you fill your emotional toolbox with strategies and skills that will support your own unique goals.

I can help you improve your relationship through learning to communicate more effectively, and by employing antidotes to the most destructive (and usually unintentional) relationship behaviors.

Through our work together, I can help you both gain confidence in knowing what to do to get the relationship you truly want. Most importantly, I will help you develop a strong relationship skill-set that you can use to keep your relationship healthy and strong, long after our work is over.

… As a Life Coach

When life is rocking your boat, I can help you learn how to adapt and adjust, to “ride the waves” of change that arise on the path to creating an ideal future. I’m here to help you overcome challenges so that you can create a satisfying life that focuses on your values and dreams, and create a new routine to relieve stress and enhance your relationships

You may be considering coaching for support and direction during a time of transition, such as a breakup or divorce, job loss, or another challenging life event. At times like these, the journey forward can be much easier to navigate when there is empathic support on board. I can help you make peace with the past, and get clarity and direction about your path forward.

In addition to helping you get clarity and confidence to deal with difficult life transitions, I can help you grow into the best version of yourself. I have coached and counseled clients to develop insight, procrastinate less and tackle the negative thinking that may be getting in the way of real progress. I am passionate about helping you live your best life!

Learn more about the differences between therapy and coaching, and which approach is right for you.

About Me:

I am passionate about helping people, and because of that, I have invested in high-quality educational and professional experiences that prepared me to be of greatest value to you.

I have a master’s degree in clinical psychology, and beyond that, I have completed levels one and two of training in the Gottman Method of couples therapy. I am also a parent-child interactive therapist, and have specialized training in a variety of evidence-based forms of therapy, including trauma-focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.

I previously served on the faculty of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and as the director of a large university counseling center. I am licensed to provide therapy to residents of Illinois, Texas, and Arizona.

In addition to my professional experience, I have a great deal of life experience too. My husband and I have been married for 28 years and still going strong! We have two grown children who taught us to be present in the moment, to parent with love and logic, and to be grateful for what “is.” Still at home with us is their canine sidekick Ollie, who maybe secretly believes he is a 4-legged human…and who are we to disagree?

Now, I’m here to bring all of my personal and professional experience to help you grow, and create positive changes in your life and relationship. For your convenience, I offer online therapy and coaching services so that you can focus on your goals from the comfort of your own home or office.

If you’d like to work with me, the first step is to schedule your free consultation meeting so that we can get to know each other. I hope you do!

Lisa J. – M.A., LPC, NCC


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