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Insightful & Collaborative Growth Work

Hello, I’m Amy. I understand that finding the right coach or therapist is incredibly important. I appreciate you taking the time to learn about me and exploring if you think we might be a good fit to working together.

I enjoy working with individuals, couples, and families on all aspects of their life journeys. In particular, I specialize in healthy communication, navigating life transitions (including premarital, transition to parenthood through birth, foster care or adoption, parenting issues, and blended families), grief and loss (including disenfranchised or ambiguous losses), and the development or re-establishment of fulfilling and supportive relationships. I also have experience working with issues such as anxiety, low self-esteem, stress management, and more.

I have a very client-centered approach which means that whether I am working with you in couples counseling, family therapy, individual therapy, or coaching, my priority is to help you meet your goals in a way that fits you. I view that everyone is the expert of their own story and seek to support and empower you to reach the changes you desire.

I draw from a variety of evidence-based clinical practices and therapeutic approaches including the Gottman Method, Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused therapy, mindfulness-based approaches, and parts language. Overall, this means that I rely on practices that have been shown through research to be effective while tailoring my approach to fit with your personality, desires for our work together, and personal needs.

Further, I view that relationships are foundational to all aspects of our lives. This is a key reason why I am passionate about supporting the development and continuance of positive, healthy relationships. Similarly, I view that a strong, affirming relationship is an essential component of effective therapy and coaching. I work collaboratively with my clients and am intentional to create a space that is safe, supportive, and accepting.

As you read on, you will learn more specifically about my background and the services I provide. I would like to thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about me and I look forward to hearing from you and discussing with you in your free consultation how we might partner together in the pursuit of creating the life and relationships you desire.

Couples Therapy, Marriage Counseling, Premarital Counseling and Relationship Coaching

In my role as a couples therapist, marriage counselor, premarital counselor, and dating coach, I specialize in working with romantic relationships at all stages. Whether you are looking to make the next step in your relationship, or have been together for years, I am excited to work with you to strengthen your relationship.

I have experience working with couples (and families) on a wide array of relational issues including improving communication, resolving conflict, parenting issues (including building your family through birth, foster care, adoption, or blending families), affair recovery, re-building connection, navigating life changes, pre-marital, and divorce/separation/break-ups.

I can help you to have important, and sometimes difficult conversations, with your partner, help facilitate healthy, open communication skills, avoid conflict escalation, and increase emotional safety, intimacy, connection, and trust within your relationships. I can also help you learn to know your partner on a deeper level.

My goal is that in our work together, you will be able to build and maintain a relationship with your significant other that is fulfilling, secure, intentional, and trusting that will serve as a strong foundation as you navigate life together.

In addition to working with couples, I work with co-parents who are seeking support to build positive, healthy, and constructive relationships as they transition to this new form of relationship. In co-parenting work, I support my clients in creating relationships built on a foundation of mutual respect as the parents of your children and in navigating effective ways to communicate with one another and to parent in a way that supports your children through the divorce/separation and co-parenting experience. 

I can provide family therapy services and couples counseling to residents of Colorado and Wyoming, and relationship coaching and premarital counseling to you no matter where you live, via online video.

Dating Coaching

Dating can be challenging. Many people struggle to find a compatible partner, and the process of dating can feel scary, uncertain, and confusing — but it doesn’t have to. In my role as a dating coach, I help you define who you are looking for, clarify which relationships are healthy for you, and take smart steps to find the relationship you desire. I work with you as a collaborative partner, providing activities designed to help increase clarity and insight, developing plans to you navigate dating in a way that feels good and authentic to you, and creating a space for you to find support, encouragement, and guidance.

Individual Therapy

In addition to working with couples and families, I provide individual mental health services to residents of Colorado and Wyoming. I have worked with individuals ranging in age from preschoolers through older adults.

In individual therapy, I seek to help you gain additional self-awareness, develop new coping skills, and cultivate the life you would like to have. I operate from a trauma-informed lens and utilize a holistic approach, combining evidence-based therapeutic approaches, the mind-body connection, and experiential work. I utilize techniques from modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Solution Focused Therapy, and Internal Family Systems (IFS), maintaining a systemic and developmental perspective, to help create the therapeutic space that feels like a good fit for you. I serve as a confidant, encourager, and partner on your journey and I am intentional to create a therapeutic relationship that is safe, supportive, empathetic and empowering.

I have experience working with individuals on a wide variety of topics such as anxiety, depression, processing past experiences, low self-esteem, relational issues, and religion/spirituality. I also work with individuals on navigating grief and loss. Sometimes life knocks us off balance and we need a bit of extra support to learn how to navigate a world that looks different than before, whether that is learning to live without that important person, figuring out how to find a new dream when one is no longer an option for you, or figuring out what you want the next steps in your journey to be. 

Working with Young Adults & Adolescents

I love working with individuals of all ages and have a particular specialty working with adolescents and young adults (think ages 15-30), through both therapy and coaching (you can learn more about the differences between coaching and therapy here). This is a stage of life where a lot of transition occurs, and we begin to truly discover who we are. It is exciting and can also be hard. I have experience working with this age group in a variety of settings both as a therapist and as an instructor of university courses for undergraduate students. In my work with adolescents and emerging adults, I combine a developmental perspective with therapeutic approaches, creating a fun, relaxed, and supportive environment to explore challenging issues, cultivate your identity, and develop self-care and coping skills that will be useful throughout your whole life.

Life Coaching

We all have times in our lives where we could use a bit of extra support when it comes to navigating what we want and reaching our goals related to our relationships, lives, or careers. In coaching, I utilize a collaborative, solution-focused lens to help you identify the paths that are most fulfilling to you and to implement specific strategies and steps that allow you to meet your goals. I can help you attain your personal growth goals, navigate life transitions, and create the relationships you desire, with yourself and others.

With experience in mindfulness to increase self-awareness and strategies to increase your self-directed empowerment, I can help you to identify patterns that may be holding you back, clarify your desires, cultivate motivation for change, set attainable goals, and develop a clear plan for how to achieve the milestones you have identified.

I believe that you are fully capable of change and work to help empower you to take control of your journey and transform your life through developing an encouraging and strategic partnership.

I provide life coaching services online.

About Me

I earned my Ph.D. in Applied Developmental Science and my M.S. in Human Development and Family Studies with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy, both from Colorado State University. I am an author of over 15 academic publications including peer-review journal and encyclopedia articles, and have presented research at national and international conferences on topics such as healthy communication in romantic and parent-child relationships, the therapeutic alliance in systemic therapies, and therapeutic-based intervention programs. 

I have completed training in the Gottman Method of couples therapy (Levels 1 & 2), and I am a trained facilitator of the PREP (Prevention and Relationship Education Program) curriculums. I am a Certified Family Life Educator through the National Council on Family Relations. In addition to my work with clients, I have taught courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels at Colorado State University, University of Denver, and the Colorado Community College System. Course topics include human development from conception through older adulthood, risk and resilience, grief and loss, and healthy relationships. I have additionally supervised graduate students training to become marriage and family therapists in their practicum/internship placements. 

In my free time, I enjoy spending quality time with my friends and family, enjoying the many days of Colorado sunshine on long walks, hanging out with my pets, and traveling to enjoy the many opportunities our world has to offer.

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