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Designing Your Life: How to Create The Life You Want

Summer is ending, and as fall approaches you may feel fresh energy to get back on track. Learn how to get clarity about your life and career goals, and how to take action to create a positive new chapter.

The Power of Praise

There’s a simple way to feel happier, make it easier to follow through with the things, and transform your relationships from sour to satisfying. Learn how to use the power of praise to boost your confidence and get more of what you want from your life, and your relationships.

Are Negative Perceptions Harming Your Relationship?

The way we interpret situations influences the way we react to them. Do you tend to jump to (negative) conclusions when things get heated with your partner? Here’s some relationshp advice to help you stay in a good place, even during triggering moments.

Constant Arguing in a Relationship? Here’s How to Stop Having “The Same Fight”

Nothing is more frustrating than having the same relationship fight, over and over again. Marriage counselor and couples therapist Teena E is here with some tips to help you break your negative cycle, find common ground, and start communicating productively again.

Infertility and Pregnancy Loss: How to Heal

Losing a pregnancy or struggling with infertility can be one of the hardest things you can go through. On this episode of The Love, Happiness and Success Podcast therapist and coach Sonya J shares her advice for how to move through it, and heal both individually and as a couple.

Do You Have Overly High Expectations For Your Relationship?

Are you accidentally sabotaging your relationship with overly high expectations? Learn how to release the pressure on yourself and your partner, so that you can both get more enjoyment out your relationship… as it is.

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