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What to Do When They’re Hot, and You’re Not: Differences in Sexual Desire

Is being out-of-synch sexually creating problems in your relationship? Differences in sexual desire are very common, and there are easy things you both can do to reconnect. Couples counselor and sex therapist Dori Bagi has some expert advice to help you get back into alignment.

Parenting in a Blended Family

Second marriages with kids can be happy and successful, especially if you practice four essential skills: Preparation, Communication, Education & Emotional Maturity. Learn how to use them to create a peaceful, enjoyable blended family experience for everyone.

Advice From a Premarital Counselor: 3 Strategies For a Lasting Marriage

Getting married? Already in a long-term relationship? It’s never too late to learn how to be happy, together. Expert premarital counselor Laura Ferguson shares her top tips for creating a joyful, healthy, and enduring marriage.

How to Make Long Distance Work

Long distance relationships can be both challenging… and really wonderful. Long distance relationship expert Brogan Crosby shares her best advice on how to protect your long distance relationship from common pitfalls, as well as the simple strategies you can use every day to make it thrive.

How to Deal When Your Ex Moves On…

Has your Ex started a new relationship? Few things are more painful. Learn tips from breakup recovery expert Markie Keelan, M.A. for how to stop obsessing, stop hurting, and start feeling in control of your life again.

Are You Stuck in a Codependent Relationship?

Ever wondered, “Am I Codependent?” Take the three-question codependency quiz to find out. If you have the signs of codependency, read on to learn about codependency recovery and how you can transform your relationship. GrowingSelf.com | Relationship Advice

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