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How To Deal With Difficult Parents

Do your parents still drive you crazy, even as an adult? Learn how to have happy, healthy adult relationships with your parents.

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Premarital Counseling Questions? How To Build a Marriage That Lasts a Lifetime.

You don’t just want to get married. You want an amazing, happy, healthy marriage. Believe it or not, your relationship DOES actually have an instruction manual…

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Communication Problems and How to Fix Them, Part 3: When Your Partner Won’t Talk

Are you trying to have a relationship with a partner who avoids, defends or worse… refuses to talk at all? Few things are as frustrating, or as hurtful. Here’s some communication advice to help you get your withdrawn partner to open back up again.

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Getting Over a Breakup: How to Cope With the Pain

In the aftermath of a bad breakup, you’re consumed with pain. Here’s how to take care of yourself, and start healing your broken heart…

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Communication Problems & How To Fix Them, Part 2: The Angry Partner

Are you always walking on eggshells around your emotional, irritable, powder-keg of a partner? Learn the secret to taming the tiger, and bringing the peace back into your home.

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Communication Problems and How to Fix Them, Part 1: What Works, and What Doesn’t

Are “communication issues” wrecking your relationship? Learn what you can do to stop the insanity, and create connection in your relationship.

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– With Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

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How To Communicate With Someone Who Shuts Down

How Do I Communicate With a Husband Who Won't Talk? “He tells me whatever I want to hear so that we can stop talking about it as soon as possible,” Mary says, huffily, arranging the pillows of the Marriage Counseling Couch behind her. “I bring up anything, and he...

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