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Family, Oh Family: How To Handle Tricky Family Situations Over the Holidays

Do you have challenging relationship situations stressing you out around the holidays? Here is some actionable advice to help you set boundaries, keep your cool, and enjoy your holiday with your imperfect family.

Embracing Growth: Getting Comfortable With Discomfort

Why the safe, easy path may not move you forward…

How to Handle Your Crazy Family on Thanksgiving

Growing Self’s life coach and family therapist Jessica Small gives her best advice on how to handle your crazy family on Thanksgiving, on Denver Fox31 with Lois Melkonian.

Free Advice From a Marriage Counselor: Get Your Relationship Back on Track, Today

Believe it or not, there are two simple things that you can do right now to create profound change in your relationship. Marriage counselor Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby is here to share them with you, so that you can create the joyful, fulfilling relationship that you deserve.

How to Forgive Your Partner, When The Hurt Feels Big

If you’ve felt “failed” or betrayed by a loved one, it can be hard to forgive. Here’s some advice to help you heal your bond, and grow back together again.

Dating During The Holidays: ‘Tis The Season… of Love

If you’re single, now is the perfect time of year to find a new relationship. Here’s how…


– With Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

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