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Growing Self's Strategic Dating Coaching Program

Find Your True Love

Looking For Love?

Modern dating is challenging. With the ocean of options that online dating offers, finding your true love requires clarity, intention, an amazing online presence, and strategy.

To support your success in dating Denver dating coach Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby is partnering with Denver portrait photographer Kelly Weaver to help you be your very “best self” — both inside and out — as you create the love you desire.

Because Kelly and Dr. Bobby both want you to succeed, and find the love you’re looking for, their generous package offers a combined savings of over $300 on the price of their services.

Our Program Includes:

• Personality & Relationship Assessments To Help You Get Clarity About Your Ideal Partner
• Four Powerful, Personalized Dating Coaching Sessions With an Expert Dating Coach
• Strategic Between-Session Assignments That Will Move You Forward
• Review, Recommendations and Revision of Your Online Dating Profile
• A Custom, 3 Pose Photography Shoot With Denver portrait photographer Kelly Weaver
• Photo Shoot Includes Professional Makeup Application (Women) Plus Wardrobe / Stylist Consultation

Register Now, and Let Us Help You “Find The One.”

Once you purchase your package, we spring into action: We’ll follow up with you to schedule your sessions with your dating coach (at your convenience), give you immediate access to your first assessments, and Kelly will contact you to book your private photo shoot.

What You’ll Learn in Your Four Strategic Dating Coaching Sessions


It all starts with an assessment. Prior to your first session, you’ll complete a relationship inventory and personality tests that will help us get to know you: Your hopes, your strengths and your growth opportunities. In your first session we’ll explore your relationship history, and uncover your patterns. We’ll help you use your life experiences to get clear about what you need to have in a healthy, happy relationship — and the kind of person you want to be with.


Modern dating is “digitally enhanced.” We’ll review your online dating profile, give you feedback, and help you create a compelling profile that serves as a filter: Attracting your ideal partner, while filtering out the people that you don’t want to meet. We’ll also help you create a comprehensive strategy for making contact with attractive people, and everything from first texts to first dates.


In session two, you’ll learn how to bring out your “best self.” You’ll gain awareness of your blind-spots: The things that you might unintentionally be doing that could get in the way of attracting your ideal partner. You’ll also learn how to intentionally cultivate and communicate the very best parts of yourself, so that you attract the person you’re looking for. We’ll coach you on how to present your best self on first dates, “Flirting 101,” and how to be confident and attractive throughout the dating process.


You don’t just want to date: You want a relationship. In session four you’ll learn how to transition a great date into a new relationship. We’ll help you strike a balance between communicating your interest, while still maintaining healthy boundaries. We’ll also help you identify red flags to look for as you’re getting to know someone, and how to sustain someone’s interest — while being your authentic, best self.

Expert Advice For Successful Online Dating

Kelly Weaver, Denver Portrait Photographer, On How To Take An Amazing Online Dating Profile Photo.

Denver Dating Coach, Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby, On How To Create a Winning Online Dating Profile



The Program Includes:

– A Customized Program Tailored For Your Stage of Life

– Four Private Dating Coaching Sessions With An Expert Dating Coach.

– Assessments and Assignments

– A Private Photo Shoot with Kelly Weaver Photography.

– A Custom Online Dating Profile.

– Personalized, Strategic Dating Coaching to Help You Get Results.

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