Couple holding hands in the snow working on getting their relationship back on track.

Get Your Relationship Back on Track

Get Your Relationship Back on Track

Are you looking for advice on how to get your relationship back on track? As a couples counselor and Denver marriage counselor, I often meet with couples who love each other deeply, but feel like their marriage may be failing

After years of building a life together, they feel some wear and tear in their marriage. They’re filled with little frustrations and resentments they can’t quite shake. They start shutting down when they communicate and have the same arguments over and over

The carefree happiness of their early relationship seems lost, and they want to keep the romance alive, fall back in love, and grow together, not grow apart.

Sometimes, the couples we see for marriage counseling here at Growing Self are surprised to learn that the two “magic ingredients” that can help them create the joyful, effortless partnership they crave are already right under their nose. 

Anyone, anytime, can use these two simple strategies to change their relationship for the better. While these things may seem small, in practice they can mean the difference between a relationship filled with love and respect, and a dead-end marriage. 

Because I so passionately believe that you deserve love, happiness, and success in your relationship, I’m sharing these healing marriage counseling strategies with you, free of charge, so that you can make the moves to get your relationship back on track today!

With love and respect,
Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby

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