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How Much Does a Dating Coach Cost?
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If you're researching whether or not to hire a private dating coach to help you get better results with your love life, it's only to be expected that you're wondering how much private dating coaching costs. Here are some things to consider, as you're determining the value of dating coaching, as well as the expense.

The Cost of Dating Coaching… Versus The Value of Dating Coaching

One thing that people sometimes overlook when they think about the cost of dating coaching, is the value of dating coaching.

Here's an example: Not too long ago I worked with an extremely bright, successful female attorney. Over the years, she'd established and built a stable practice in a large city. She had great friends, a supportive family. She was (is) an attractive, intelligent, accomplished woman in her mid-thirties, by all measures. Unfortunately, she didn't come to see me for dating coaching. Nope, she came to see me for help in getting emotionally de-tangled from a toxic relationship (if you could even call it that) that she had fallen into.

You see, despite her intelligence and advanced degrees, she had not taken the same thoughtful approach to her dating life that she had to her career. She left it up to chance, and believed that her “feelings” would be enough to guide her. She wound up, over a period of years, having a string of “situationships” with men who were not able or willing to have the kind of committed relationship that she was looking for. The latest of these was an intense relationship with a man she met through an online app who swept her off her feet… and then left her dangling on the end of a string. At the time, she didn't know how to recognize the warning flags that she would have if she'd had a good dating coach by her side. Instead, she became deeply attached to yet another selfish, immature person who would never love her back. It was such a familiar situation for her: He would bread-crumb her, and give her just enough to keep her hopes up and hanging on.

As we worked together to help her take her power back from the emotional roller coaster she was on, and clarify her life-goals, she became aware that one of her deepest, most meaningful desires was to become a mother. Given that her current romantic situation was so ambiguous, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Thanks to her business success she had the financial resources for egg-freezing, and she decided to go for it. Over the course of this process, she discovered that despite only being in her mid-thirties, her body was no longer creating viable eggs. I sat with her as she confronted the bitter reality: That she'd wasted precious years of her life in a series of dead-end relationships, and that there had been consequences to her decisions. Around the same time, things finally came to an end with the latest guy… he'd met someone else.

I could tell you more stories. I could tell you about the mismatched couples I've worked with as a marriage counselor, who struggled through the entirety of their relationship due to having rushed into marriage with an incompatible partner who wanted very different things out of life. Or I could tell you about what it's like to sit with a couple when one person tells the other that they are no longer willing to continue in a relationship, leaving the other devastated, and at rock bottom emotionally and financially.

But I won't torture you with my sad stories. What I WILL tell you is how often I've thought to myself, in these situations, about the pain and suffering that could have been avoided if people had only gone into relationships with more intention, clarity, and a good plan. Good dating coaching (like good premarital counseling) can help you avoid the terrible consequences of a difficult, failed relationship.  “Falling in love” can be accidental, believe it or not. You have so many options for who you become attached to. And research consistently shows that who you choose for a life partner can make all the difference on how happy, healthy, and prosperous you become over the course of your lifetime. Being conscious about who you partner with can create an abundance of joy, and a life of fulfillment. I believe that you deserve nothing less.

When you consider the impact that good dating coaching can have on the trajectory of your life… it's priceless.

The Cost of Dating Coaching @ Growing Self… Depends on Who You Work With

One of the advantages of working with a big practice like Growing Self is that you have many options for who to work with, and with that comes varying “price points” for our services. We have a lovely group of expert therapists, coaches, and couples counselors, some of whom specialize in dating coaching. Though all of our experts have at least a Master's Degree in counseling psychology or a related field, and extra training in coaching, they vary in terms of their education and experience. For that reason we have “more affordable” coaches, and “more experienced” coaches on our team. You can decide which type is right for your needs, as well as your budget.

We Offer Affordable, Sliding Scale Rates:

We also offer income-based sliding scale rates that are surprisingly affordable. “Sliding scale” means that your rate per session would be determined by your income, making your life-changing work with Growing Self fit within your budget.

  • Our advanced clinicians charge $135 per standard 45 minute session**, and may have sliding scale options between $90 and $135 based on their current availability.
  • Our master's level clinicians charge $115 per 45 minute session, and can slide down to $70 per session depending on your income and their availability.
  • The most recent additions to our team are all highly educated, effective therapists and coaches who offer extremely affordable services. They typically charge between $60 and $105 per 45 minute session for marriage counseling, couples therapy, premarital counseling, career coaching, effective therapy, dating coaching and life coaching.
  • Our doctoral-level clinicians each have over a decade of experience, and master's degrees as well as PhDs, plus certification as coaches. They charge $160 per 45-minute session. (Though many with their level of training and experience charge more). They also maintain space on our caseloads for sliding scale and even pro-bono clients.

** Longer 60 or 90-minute sessions are available and are pro-rated from the standard session fee.

Find The One: An Affordable Alternative to Private Dating Coaching

At Growing Self, we care very much about making effective, meaningful personal growth work accessible to everyone. For this reason, we offer an amazingly effective (and shockingly affordable) alternative to private dating coaching: Our “Find The One” dating coaching class.

In this on-demand, video-based online class you'll get five information-packed sessions with master dating coach Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby. She'll walk you through the same steps she teaches her private clients, about how to identify your ideal partner, create a compelling personal branding strategy, connect with the right people, spot early warning signs of toxic relationships, increase your own “chemistry factors” and establish a healthy strong relationship. You'll also get her strategic assignments to help you put these ideas into practice, and start immediately getting better results in your dating life.

Best yet? This program represents five full sessions with Dr. Bobby, which she typically charges $750 for. But you can have it all for the fraction of the price of one private session with her. It's a steal. Learn more about our “Find The One” online dating coaching class…

Does Insurance Cover Dating Coaching?

Lastly, if you're wondering about the cost of dating coaching, you might be curious to know if your insurance covers dating coaching. It does not. Your health insurance only covers medically necessary behavioral health care for the treatment of a diagnosable mental health condition. If, over the course of dating coaching, you and your coach determine that you do meet criteria for a psychiatric diagnosis that is getting in the way of your dating success, you'll be referred to a therapist who can help you resolve your symptoms. Then we're happy to help you resume your successful work in dating coaching.

Answers to Your Dating Coaching Questions

How Does Dating Coaching Work?

Wondering how, exactly, a professional online dating coach can help you get different results? It starts with a journey of self-discovery, where you learn more about yourself and the previously unknown obstacles that have been getting in the way of your success. Armed with that knowledge, you can then work with your coach to try new, more effective strategies.

How Much Does a Dating Coach Cost?

If you're considering dating coaching, an understandable question is how much dating coaching costs. First, it's helpful to understand the true value that expert dating coaching can bring to your life. At Growing Self, expert dating coaching is also as affordable as it is meaningful and effective. Learn more about our rates for dating coaching (and whether you can use your insurance!)

Do I Really Need a Dating Coach?

Wondering why you should enlist the support of a personal dating coach, or keep working at things on your own? Here are a few thought provoking questions to help you determine if you could benefit from working with a professional dating coach, or if you're already heading in the right direction.

What to Expect in Your Free Dating Coaching Consultation

If you've never done any type of coaching before, you might be a little nervous about what to expect in your very first meeting. Learn more about what types of questions your dating coach will ask, and how your consultation meeting will unfold...

Meet Some Of Our Dating Coaches

Markie Keelan, M.A., LPCC, CSPC

Markie Keelan, M.A., LPCC, CSPC

Dynamic Life, Career & Dating Coach

Markie is a Master's level coach with a positive, compassionate attitude towards personal growth. She has years of experience in helping people create real and lasting change in their lives and performing at the highest level of their potential. Listen to Markie's great dating advice on the "New Rules For Dating" podcast with Dr. Helen Fisher.

Jessica Small, M.A., LMFT

Jessica Small, M.A., LMFT

Dating and Relationship Coach



Jessica is a dating coach, as well as a licensed marriage and family therapist, with many years of experience in helping people create happy, healthy, and authentic relationships. She has extensive experience in helping people create healthy relationships, and can help you get self-awareness, clarity, confidence, and empowerment to connect with your soul-mate.



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