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Why take a premarital course taught by an experienced marriage counselor? The most satisfied and enduring marriages are the ones where partners proactively invest in their future by learning the skills — and doing the work — that will keep their love strong. Our premarital course helps you learn how to do this.

Our Lifetime of Love Premarital Course is a fun, positive way to grow together. This is a full-day small-group workshop consisting of over 6 info-packed hours with an expert marriage and family therapist who specializes in premarital counseling. This course is held via online video for convenience, but you can expect an intimate experience with opportunities to ask questions, work through activities, and get personalized support. You’ll leave with a toolbox of essential skills and strategies, prepared to successfully prevent future problems and confidently navigate the ups and downs of married life.

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Premarital Education Matters

It’s one thing to find the love of your life, and another to make that love last a lifetime.

Smart couples invest in premarital education to get on the same page around important issues and put structures in place that lay the foundation for a happy, successful marriage.

Our Lifetime of Love premarital course teaches you the “best of” what we teach the couples who work with us in Denver premarital counseling, and online premarital counseling sessions.

Lifetime of Love Premarital Course

Our premarital course is more than “checking the box.” We give you so much more than a premarital counseling certificate: We help you create positive change in your relationship.

Most premarital counseling is conducted by well-meaning clergy. Our premarital course is led by a marriage and family therapist teaching you the healthy relationship skills that most successful couples spend years learning, like effective communication, conflict management, and the questions to ask that pave the way to a happy marriage.

Your premarital counseling certificate is just the cherry on top.

What Our Clients Say

Create a Lifetime of Love.

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What You’ll Learn in Our
Positive Premarital Preparation Course:

The Habits of Happy Couples

Our premarital course teaches you the simple steps happy couples take every day to show each other love and appreciation — and how to avoid common mistakes that lead to disconnection.

Healthy Communication 101

Learn the hallmarks of healthy communication, common mistakes to avoid, and how to turn every conversation into an opportunity for deeper connection.

How to Keep Your Marriage Strong

Even happy couples disagree sometimes. You’ll learn how to manage conflict constructively, reduce friction in your relationship, and solve problems together as a team.

Prevent Potential Problems

Set your marriage up for success and prevent potential problems in the “Big Five” areas: money and marriage, household responsibilities, religion, parenting, and sex. Our premarital course covers them all.

Tools to Keep the Romance Alive

Stay romantically connected, keep intimacy alive, and focus on pleasure and fun, so your relationship can sizzle for decades to come.

Building a Secure Future, Together

Accept and support each other as you both grow and evolve, and create the kind of meaningful, joyful life you want, together.

A Lifetime of Love
The Happy Couples Premarital Course


The Lifetime of Love Premarital Course is taught by an experienced marriage and family therapist who specializes in premarital counseling — a true relationship expert with the skills to help your marriage flourish.


You’ll get all the success strategies, advice, and thought-provoking assignments private premarital counseling offers, for just $295 per couple — a fraction of the cost of private Denver premarital counseling sessions.


Our expert instructors use evidence-based strategies to help couples thrive at every stage of their relationships. We know what brings couples into counseling — and how to solve problems before they arise.

Meet Your “Lifetime of Love” Experts

Premarital counselor teaching premarital counseling course online.

Brenda F., M.A., LMFT

Brenda F. is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, premarital counselor, and relationship coach with over twenty years of experience helping couples thrive. She’s also a Certified Prepare-Enrich Premarital Counselor.

Brenda teaches our “Lifetime of Love” premarital course online through HIPAA-compliant video. She is also available to meet with you for private premarital counseling online.

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Sunday Online: September 11, 2022 [SOLD OUT]

9 AM – 3 PM MTN Meet with Brenda Fahn, M.A., LMFT online by Zoom Video

What Our Clients Say about Brenda

“She is clearly grounded and has a very practical approach. She asks the right questions and she has a great sense of humor. She is intelligent and sophisticated and that is important to us. We both feel we are in good hands with someone who can understand the realities of our situation especi...
- Family Therapy Client

Gift Premarital Counseling

Couples getting married receive many expensive gifts, but many don’t get the chance to invest in what matters most: premarital counseling that provides them with a toolbox to build a happy, healthy marriage.

In-depth, meaningful premarital counseling with a marriage and family therapist is inexpensive… and it is priceless. It is the most meaningful and valuable gift the couple will receive.

Gifting a couple with premarital counseling will delight them now, and for years to come as their marriage and family evolves. They are so lucky to have your support.

Here’s how to gift premarital counseling.


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