Pre-Engagement Counseling

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What is Pre Engagement Counseling?

Pre engagement counseling helps you find clarity and strengthen your relationship so you can move forward together.

You love your partner, and you cherish the joy they bring into your life. But what’s next for your relationship? Are you ready for marriage?

Like premarital counseling, pre-engagement counseling with an expert couples counselor helps you work through issues, have honest conversations, and grow in your understanding of yourself and your partner.

You’ll start with a detailed relationship assessment to uncover your relationship’s strengths and growth opportunities. Then, you’ll get clear about the future you want — and the best path to creating it. 

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Pre Engagement Counseling:

For Growing, Together

Every couple has challenges to overcome. Smart couples know that working through them together is the path to growth, both for themselves and their relationships.

Our pre-engagement counselors are experienced marriage and family therapists who know what it takes to create healthy relationships that are built to last. We can help you work through commitment issues, and strengthen your relationship.

With clarity about what’s next, and new tools for overcoming your obstacles, you’ll be ready to continue growing together

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The Benefits of Pre-Engagement Counseling

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Improve Communication

Open, emotionally-safe communication is what relationships need to thrive.

Our pre-engagement counselors will help you solve common communication problems, so you can have the courageous conversations that move your relationship forward.

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Strengthen Your Connection

The happiest couples know how to continue growing together through every new chapter of life and love.

Powerful pre-engagement counseling helps you continue deepening your intimacy, having fun together, and strengthening your connection for years to come.

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Get on the Same Page

If you’re imagining a future together, there are many questions to answer. Where will you live? Do you want to be parents? How will you manage money as a couple?

Our pre-engagement counselors help you get on the same page about important issues and create a shared vision for the future.

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