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Private Premarital Counseling

Create a Shared Vision For Your Future

Ring: $12,000, Flowers: $1,500, Photographer: $2,500

Being that “Happy Couple” 15 years from now… Priceless.

Private Premarital Counseling

High-quality, premarital counseling is the way that successful, responsible, pro-active couples ensure that their marriage will continue to grow grow even stronger, happier, and deeper over the years. Our private premarital counseling is different than our structured premarital programs in that it gives you the time and space to talk about whatever you need to resolve before moving forward into marriage.

Our Strategic Approach Helps You:

  • Identify potential “Friction Points” unique to your relationship
  • Create agreement around finances, parenting, responsibilities, boundaries, and priorities.
  • Gain deeper understanding for each other’s values, life goals, and what you both need to feel loved and respected.
  • Learn how to communicate with each other
  • Create a secure emotional foundation
  • Address any issues that are concerning you
  • Help you move forward into marriage with confidence

We Make it Exactly What You Need It To Be

Flexible, open ended premarital counseling without time limit or specific structure allows you to talk through (any and all) sensitive subjects, resolve lingering issues or concerns, strengthen your relationship, create agreement, and — of course — learn the skills and strategies that will help you build a beautiful future together.

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Meet in-person at our Denver or Broomfield Colorado locations, or across the US or internationally via online video.

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Looking For a More Structured Premarital Counseling Experience?

We have options!

Our Premarital Class

Lifetime of Love is our premarital and relationship class. It gives you six, information packed hours of instruction in an easy and inexpensive class format. You’ll learn communication essentials, how to keep your love strong, and how to get on the same page with sex, finances, and more. Learn more about our premarital class.

Our Premarital Program

I Do! Is our premarital counseling program. Choose a package of 3 or 5 sessions, and take our comprehensive premarital relationship assessment to identify your current strengths and opportunities. You’ll meet privately with a premarital counselor to learn the specific skills and strategies you need to create a happy, healthy marriage. Choose to meet in-person or online. Learn more…

I Do. Premarital Counseling Program. Denver, Online or International

Meet Our Expert Premarital Counselors

Our expert Denver premarital counselors are here to help you create a lifetime of love. All have expertise in marriage and family therapy and can help you with everything from improving your communication, to creating agreements about your new life together, to step-parenting and blended your families, to successfully resolving relationship issues that may be keeping you from moving forward together.

Denver Marriage Counselor Denver Life Coach Denver Therapist

Brenda Fahn, M.A., LMFT

“Hi, I’m Brenda. My approach is positive, compassionate, and focused on the solutions that will help you change your life for the better. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Counselor and Life Coach with over fifteen years of experience in helping my clients strengthen their marriages, their families, and themselves. I’m a Certified Prepare-Enrich premarital counselor, and I love helping couples get ready for the greatest adventure of their lives: Marriage.”
Denver Marriage Counselor Denver Life Coach Denver Therapist

Meagan Terry, M.A., LMFT

“Hi, I’m Meagan, and I specialize in helping couples create fantastic relationships. I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and have over eight years of experience in helping couples become stronger, happier, and more loving with each other. I use the most effective forms of marriage counseling — Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and The Gottman Method — to help couples build secure, loving relationships. I’m an Emotional Intelligence Communication Coach and I and I teach our “Lifetime of Love” Premarital & Relationship Class.”
Denver Marriage Counselor Denver Life Coach Denver Therapist

Jessica Small, M.A., NCC

“Hi, I’m Jessica. I’m a Marriage Counselor, Therapist, Life Coach and Dating Coach. I’m passionate about helping people create more fulfilling lives and relationships, and helping them function at an optimum level of health and happiness. I love helping couples reconnect with their love for each other, and create a flourishing and fun partnership. I work by helping couples address the deeper issues that are leading to disconnection and hurt feelings, and then helping them grow back together again.”
Denver Marriage Counselor Denver Life Coach Denver Therapist

Stephanie Manning, M.A.

“Hi, I’m Stephanie. My approach harnesses the power of your strengths to help you find new solutions to old problems. I specialize in Marriage Counseling using proven strategies like Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and The Gottman Method. I use strategic, solution-focused coaching with premarital couples to help them create the agreements and practices that will keep their love healthy and strong. Best yet? I’m available on Saturdays at our Cherry Creek location.”
Denver Marriage Counselor Denver Life Coach Denver Therapist

Kathleen Carrol-Stutts, M.Ed., NCC

“Hi, I’m Kathleen. I’ve been told that I have a gentle, thoughtful approach to therapy, marriage counseling and coaching that puts people at ease, and makes it easy to talk about even the toughest issues. I love helping couples reconnect and restore their strong bond, and helping premarital couples identify (and successfully resolve) the issues that may create problems in the future. I help couples understand each other, and create the trust and emotional safety they are longing to feel with each other.”


No, premarital counseling is not a requirement to get married, and it’s an easy to prioritize other expenses instead. However, just like what happens when you disregard other essentials (exercise, nutrition, sleep) the consequences caused by not investing in premarital education are much harder and more expensive to treat than they are to prevent…. Read more


The cost of high-quality premarital counseling can vary depending on who you see, how many sessions you require, and the format you choose. If you’re on a budget and looking for basic instruction on communication skills, getting on the same page around finances, priorities, etc. you may consider a class format. Classes tend to be most affordable and usually cost around…. Read more


Online premarital counseling can be very effective and helpful for many couples. This is especially true for long-distance couples, couples in rural areas, couples who travel, and very busy professionals who would find it difficult (or impossible) to attend sessions otherwise. However, there are situations where online premarital counseling may not be a good idea… Read more


While the vast majority of people who engage in premarital counseling do so as a requirement of their religious organization, it is also unfortunately true that doing a worksheet or meeting a couple of times with a pastor is not sufficient to actually equip couples with the relationship skills necessary to manage inevitable conflict, communicate well under stress, and… Read more

You provided us such a safe place to be honest with ourselves and with each other our fear of being vulnerable and weak were transformed into a feeling of opportunity to be heard. My husband and I are better friends, parents, lovers and companions than we have ever been.

– Former Clients

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