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Great Relationships Are Grown.

Every relationship has growth opportunities: Times when things feel hard. Disappointing. Or like there is another fight always simmering just under the surface. As difficult as these times are, they are the doorway to evolution — both personally, and as a couple.

Having a happy, healthy marriage means that there will be times when we're challenged to become more mature, expand our capacity for love, and learn how to be more compassionate and authentic. It doesn't mean there is anything wrong, it's simply how long-term relationships work. However, without two people who care enough about a relationship to grow with each other, sooner or later they'll grow apart. 

All couples have “issues.” But the couples who succeed are the ones who face their problems (and each other) bravely, and do the work of learning and growing together. They reap the rewards of their work in the form of trust, security, teamwork, emotional safety, and enjoyment of each other. High quality marriages don't just happen. They are cultivated intentionally by people who are committed enough to invest time and energy.

The strongest, happiest, most deeply connected couples are the ones who've weathered storms and come through the other side… holding hands. They have the kind of love, acceptance, and understanding that only comes through experience, and is not possible in untested relationships. Their love has been earned.

If things have been feeling hard in your relationship lately… congratulations. The door to growth and deeper connection has swung open for you, too. We can show you how to walk through it, together.

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We bring out the best in both of you. Our marriage counselors are professionals who know how to help you both feel safe, supported and understood. We help you find each other's “noble intentions,” reconnect with the strengths in your relationship, and learn how to make each other feel loved and respected again.


We understand love and attachment. As one of our couples famously said, “It's not about the bacon.” We'll never waste your time on superficial fixes. Our approach helps you both dig deeper, talk about the most important things, restore your trust and commitment, and strengthen your emotional bond.


Our approach is action-oriented, and focused on finding solutions to help you make real-world changes. While new growth starts in our productive sessions, you'll leave with assignments that help you both follow through with the things you're learning. Our caring experts will support your growth… and also hold you accountable.


The future of your relationship is too important to risk on anything but the best. That's why our experts only use the two evidence-based forms of marriage counseling that have been shown by research to create real results, and lasting change: Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy & The Gottman Method.

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