The 10 Best Things about Being a Denver Life Coach:

10) Denver clients arrive for life coaching appointments with twigs in their hair, dirty running shoes, and a big grin on their face.
9) Conversations begin with statements like, “Yeah, you know, I was sitting on top of Mt. Evans the other day and I realized that….”
8) You stay up-to-date on lifestyle and fitness apps.
7) On any given day you’re likely to hear about hundred-mile road bike races, marathons, triathlons, mountain bike crashes, camping trips, ski cabins, hot springs, and beer tastings.
6) Phone calls from chair-lifts.
5) Half of your life coach sessions with “Denver” clients are actually through FaceTime or Skype from their hotel rooms in Austin, San Francisco, New York, or Vail.
4) Your clients email you interesting self-improvement articles from the different blogs they follow.
3) Getting baby pictures.
2) Your high-achiever clients are always eager for their next coaching homework assignments and always complete them before their next session.
And the number one best thing about being a Denver life coach??
1) When your beautiful, happy clients refer their wonderful friends.