Woman hiking looking out at the amazing view from the top. 10 Best Things About Being a Denver Life Coach.

Being a therapist and life coach is a rewarding profession. I get to work with people who are on their own journeys of personal growth, helping them to tap into their strengths, overcome their obstacles, and discover new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving that will serve them long into the future. 

But being a life coach in the Denver area is especially rewarding, thanks to the truly special clientele that come with the territory. 

Here are the top 10 best things about being a Denver life coach: 

#10 — Denver clients arrive for life coaching appointments with twigs in their hair, dirty running shoes, and a big grin on their faces.

People who value natural beauty, an active lifestyle, and a casual dress culture are drawn to Denver like aspiring starlets are to L.A. That means that when my Denver counseling and coaching clients arrive for a session, they’re rarely “dressed to impress” — and I love that. With minimal focus on formality or appearances, there’s more energy for real action, like identifying the blind spots that are holding you back and strategizing creative ways to conquer them. 

#9 — Conversations begin with statements like, “Yeah, you know, I was sitting on top of Mt. Evans the other day and I realized that….”

If nothing else, the Rocky Mountains are a gorgeous backdrop to life’s great epiphanies, and working as a life and career coach in Denver means that many stories I hear from my clients play out against this cinematic landscape. I love it not only because it creates a beautiful mental image for me, but because spending time in nature is a great way for my clients to manage stress, get some exercise, and reconnect with what matters the most. 

#8 — You stay up-to-date on lifestyle and fitness apps.

Did you know that you can transform your workouts into a friendly competition with an online community of fitness-minded strangers? Or that, rather than a tool for constant distraction, your smartphone can be used to hone your focus, improve your mood, and help you stay grounded in the present moment with apps for everyday mindfulness? I didn’t either, until I started working with Denver counseling and coaching clients, who love to keep their self-care cutting edge. 

#7 — On any given day you’re likely to hear about hundred-mile road bike races, marathons, triathlons, mountain bike crashes, camping trips, ski cabins, hot springs, and beer tastings.

Working as a life coach in Boulder, Colorado, and all around the Denver metropolitan area, means that many of my clients arrive fresh from some grand adventure, or are stopping by to see me on their way to the next. This keeps things lively, and reminds me that my clients are tough, capable people whose work in coaching is no sweat compared to the literal feats of strength and endurance they’re routinely pulling off on the weekends. 

#6 — Phone calls from chair-lifts.

Denver coaching and counseling clients are always on-the-go, which means they sometimes need to make calls to their life coaches from some unconventional places. I like hanging up with a client and imagining them whizzing down a ski slope, contemplating their personal growth work, goals, and larger life’s purpose as they zig-zag toward the base. 

#5 — Half of your life coach sessions with “Denver” clients are actually through FaceTime or Zoom from their hotel rooms in Austin, San Francisco, New York, or Vail.

My Denver counseling and coaching clients have places to be, and I respect that. Thanks to the technologies that brought us online therapy (and that have helped us stay sane through a global pandemic), my Denver clients can always keep up with their coaching sessions, no matter how action-packed their travel schedules. 

#4 — Your clients email you interesting self-improvement articles from the different blogs they follow.

It’s hardly surprising that the type of person who’s prone to hire a life coach is also typically keen on doing their own extracurricular growth work, but I’ve found so many fascinating reads thanks to articles shared by my life coaching clients. It’s like I have a personal network of curators, putting together an ongoing reading list tailored to my interests. That’s every nerd’s dream!

#3 — Getting baby pictures.

Is it just me, or are the babies cuter in Denver? Maybe it’s the altitude, or maybe I just light up inside when I get to see my coaching and counseling clients fulfill their dreams of growing their families or becoming first-time parents. Either way, keep those adorable snapshots coming. 

#2 — Your high-achiever clients are always eager for their next coaching homework assignments and always complete them before their next session.

The people of Denver are people of action, and they tend to show up to their coaching sessions ready to work with a can-do spirit. I can’t tell you what a difference it makes to have clients that are highly motivated and confident in their abilities to make meaningful changes in their lives. And working with ambitious, high-achieving clients pushes me to continuously develop my own skills, so that I always have something new and challenging to keep my clients engaged. 

And the number one best thing about being a Denver life coach?

#1 — When your beautiful, happy clients refer their wonderful friends.

While compliments and good reviews are always appreciated, there’s really no greater honor than working with a client who then trusts me to help one of their friends. It tells me that the work we did together added real value to their life, and they want someone they care about to share in that experience too. It’s an incredible privilege, and a big reason why being a Denver life coach is one of the best jobs in the world.

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